GUYS. Guys. It snowed in Edinburgh today. Can you actually believe it? It was immense. I’ve been hoping that it would snow in Edinburgh–a good, proper snow that makes the whole city look like something from a fairy tale–since I landed here over two years ago.

What I wanted was this:


What I actually got was this:


I stood and gawked at the window at our wee garden and the cemetery across the road. I thought it was lovely until I saw other folks’ photos on Princes Street of the castle and stuff–then I just felt like a chump who missed the real spectacle! Aw well, maybe next time eh?!

After about about 5 minutes of sleeting outside my window, it turned into big, fluffy snowflakes for about 5 more minutes, then stopped and blue skies took over entirely–the snow was gone, no traces of sleet, just the sun shining down like nothing had ever happened! I took the opportunity to hop on my bike and cycle into town, mainly on the lookout for a gift for my friend Oa’s birthday. However, I was foiled by the trickster weather: while cycling down Lothian Road, the sky split and it began sleeting heavily again.

It’s one thing to walk in sleet, but when you’re zipping along on a bike the wee tiny ice balls pinging into your face, ouch!!! Needless to say as the slush and sleet began to pile up in the streets and then turned into a solid rain I beat a hasty retreat back home!

But I did get to see this beauty at her birthday social at The Brass Monkey in Leith. Happy 30th darling!!



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