What to do on rainy days in Edinburgh? Go to a museum! Join throngs of tiny children being pushed around in enormous prams along with their harried mothers and fathers who are busy attempting to explain why the stuffed sheep is rotating in a glass box, or why there are whales hanging from the ceiling.

Good times.

Honestly one of the best bits of Edinburgh is having access to some seriously amazing museums. Best of all, they’re free! (Except for the weight of guilt that comes from strategically skirting the “donations welcome” bins at the door.)

I had a great time revisiting some of my favorite exhibits and clapping my eyes on new ones at the National Museum of Scotland today with Haitham. Sure, we had to weave in and out of the throngs of tots also taking up residence with us, but I found them pretty adorable, all things considered. Like these two kiddos, one peering over a railing overlooking the museum…


another propping his wee chin up as he peers into the rotating exhibit featuring Dolly the sheep (stuffed, of course). Did y’all know that Dolly was cloned in Scotland?


But my favorite bits were probably Haitham investigating this old police phone box (classic photo fodder for American gals like myself):


…and my ultimate favorite, this. I’m drawn to this guy every time I come to the museum. Of course everyone knows it’s a first order dioptric holophotal revolving light, designed by David A. Stevenson for Inchkeith Lighthouse between 1889 and 1985. (Or so the website says. I was honestly too taken in by how intricate I find the layers of glass to actually read the sign!)


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