I’m ashamed to admit that today, like the title suggests, I only left the flat once. And that was to travel all of 10ft to our neighbor’s door to collect a parcel. Still, it’s better than ol’ H, who didn’t leave once (he made up for it by traveling the length of the floor several times over diligently hoovering).

But I didn’t just travel for any old package. Oh no. It was for THIS:


I never realized what a treasured item a hand mixer was until attempting to mix cookies and cake over here by hand. Poor H has had to listen to me whine and moan about the lack of one each time, and inevitably had to take over in the mixing process too. It’s tiring!

Little does he know I’m going to make some cookies today to break it in, and to get his nice tidy kitchen all dirty. I really enjoy throwing flour onto every available surface just in case.

The rest of our relatively quiet day was spent doing chores, sitting around, and watching the rugby. It’s the Six Nations Championship! I don’t know anything about this phenomenon, but safe to say it’s a Big Deal here. Today’s battle (out of all contestants England, Wales, Scotland, Italy, France, and Ireland) was Scotland vs. France. It was a interesting game for me. I don’t know all the rules, but to my unprofessional eye it seems a bit like American football except with less head gear, more gigantic thighs, and lots of tussling over the ball in giant dogpiles while the clock continues rolling. In football there’s so many timeouts, but rugby they just keep it going: the guy on the bottom of the pile with the ball angles his body to protect it from the other team getting it as he passes it on. Another guy scoops it up, the game continues, and the dogpile disassembles.

I didn’t get a photo of any dogpiles or “scrums”–which is truly a fascinating event for the uncultured eye–but I did get a quick photo of a heated moment when everyone just seemed to be fighting for the hell of it. Apparently someone shoved someone else, so obviously everyone jumped in to help! I like the captions of the announcers at this particular point, like they’re addressing some naughty pups getting into a tussle.


Unfortunately Scotland lost in the end, but it was a close game most of the way!

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