Valentine’s Day! Thankfully for me (and especially for Haitham) this is a holiday that neither of us really see much value in. Okay, correction, I do: in the 50% off chocolate section in stores the following day!!

Plus, I’d much rather get a cactus than a hothouse rose. One will live for an eternity on a few motes of dust and specks of water every year, the other, dead in days. (Just sayin’.)

However, considering the perfect timing of just receiving a new hand mixer the day before, well. What better time to whip up a batch of cookies and pretend they’re for the sake of the holiday?


I followed this recipe I found online. It’s for Cookie Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. I think that in the States cookie butter is a phenomenon that’s only just appearing in more rural areas–I did see Biscoff spread in the Murfreesboro Kroger before leaving, for example. Cookie butter, simply put, is a delicious, cinnamony spread that’s made–get this–FROM COOKIES.

What’s better than normal cookies you may ask? Cookies made out of other cookies.

Needless to say they turned out great, and I had eaten three by the time they came out the oven.


Nom. I hope Haitham’s coworkers enjoy the fruits of my labor. Obviously two people alone can’t eat all 20-odd cookies (I mean, obviously they can, but should they?) so I sent the rest away with him the next morning.

The rest of my day was quiet enough with chores, but in the late afternoon when I saw that the sun was still making a rare appearance I thought I’d take my chances and go for a bike ride. I decided to go for the nearby Dean Village, which is a quaint, hidden wee gem within Edinburgh. It’s named well, because it does sit like a secret village nestled along the Waters of Leith, tucked into a wee crevice in Edinburgh’s midst.

However, just as I was around the corner from Dean Village, I spotted a cemetery. Haitham thinks my fascination with cemeteries is strange, but I’ve always liked them. They’re not only peaceful, but beautiful in their tradition: to honor the memory of friends and family. I think there’s something really amazing at seeing these odes to people and times gone by, in such a quiet, respectful environment.

This particular cemetery is aptly named Dean Cemetery. It was honestly lovely, with enormous statues and stonework, a wide path surrounded by old yews and enormous beeches, and the filtering sunset’s glow through the trees. I kept seeing an ornate building peeking through the winter branches nearby–lo and behold, it was the modern art museum!


I guess I found it surprising to see such a lovingly attended cemetery in Edinburgh. I know they exist, but my perception of them has been warped by the two cemeteries nearby our flat. It seems here when young troublemakers have nothing better to do, they go to cemeteries and knock over headstones. It’s honestly such a shame. I’m sure it’s not just something that kiddos in the U.K. do, but I really had never heard of them doing that in Tennessee before! C’mon guys, have some respect!

Then again, when I looked up this cemetery I did see the following review: “did meth behind rocks good spot would recomend”

Say whaaa?

Even more surprising I found, of all things, a confederate flag in the grounds!!


Well what do you know!

Anyway eventually I did finally make it down to Dean Village. I snapped this shot on the way down. I believe that’s St. Mary’s looming on the horizon, one of my favorite churches in Edi for sure.


So that’s all folks. Sending Valentine’s day well-wishes out (and some of my excess calories from all those cookies) out your way!

5 thoughts on “14/2/17 – My Excuse to Make Cookies

  1. Your curiosity with cemeteries could have something to do with the fact that you grew up a block from one and I used to take you walking there when you were little.
    And as far as thugs knocking over the tombstones, it happens here too. Not sure about the frequency comparison. And as far as cookie butter? Never heard of it!
    I’m enjoying your writing. Keep it up please.


    1. Hahah wow I didn’t expect you to see this, I feel like I got a message from a cooking celeb! Cheers for that, it was a fabulous recipe and hub’s coworkers devoured them in one sitting! 😆


  2. I heard of cookie butter in NJ but only because I had a coworker that loved biscoff cookies and of course they knew about the cookie spread.


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