A wise man once said, “Some days you ett da berr, some days da berr ett you.”

In modern times when applied to my own life this loosely translates to, “Some days Clarissa seizes the day. But other days the day drifts past with literally nothing to show for it. How embarrassing.”

I did clean my bike.


(Too bad the following day I was booked on for a muddy group ride that instantly brought me back to pre-cleaned status.)


And there are some wee daffs blooming in the garden. Early wee things! I’ve hardly seen any others around town in bloom yet, just producing blossoms. I can’t remember what variety these are–all I know is they were procured last year before leaving Pentland. They are quite small, so perhaps Tête á Tête? Either way, they’re lovely.


And here’s my prized garden gnome giving his approving pointer finger to the sky. I think he’s sharing my happiness that I actually have some tulips emerging in the blue pot behind him. After the Squirrel Travesty of 2016, I was a’feared I’d never get any actual blossoms. Lucky for me, no dratted gray squirrels have made an appearance in the garden so far to dig up all my bulbs! (And I cleverly planted them with small plants atop!)

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