I started the day of with a muffin.

Not a good muffin though, like a blueberry muffin, which as Haitham insists is just a cupcake pretending to be breakfast food. I mean an English muffin. Which is okay. Sort of boring I guess. I tried to dress it up as best I could–and when I say that, I mean I added peanut butter. (And a banana.)

Have y’all ever seen the play The Importance of Being Earnest? It’s one of Haitham’s favorites, and I can see why. It’s a very quick-witted play about two men in the late Victorian era attempting to secure their love of their respective ladies. The hook is that both men attempt to do this under the pretense, strangely enough, that their names happen to be Ernest. Lots of hijinks and mistaken identities naturally follows. It’s honestly a great piece of work. I’d recommend the older version of it, not the ’90s movie with that Brit who’s in everything.

In whatever version you happen to see, there is a moment where the two “Ernests” are in up to their ears in trouble. One of the Ernests sits down and begins to stuff his face with muffins.

Classic British humor. I can actually highly relate to Algernon here though. I’m a total foodie at the best of times. But at the worst, I’d probably be tussling over muffins too!

Well! That was a long spiel about muffins wasn’t it?!

What can I say about my day? Not much really–it was nose-to-the-ground application sorting which means I sat on my rear inside most of the day typing away. I did manage to go for a quick wander. The weather has been milder, but still pretty gray unsurprisingly. But there were a few moments with some sun. Enough to make my window ornament shine!


During my wander I started snapping photos of doors. Weird, I know… and yet I love all the quirky doors that can be found in Edinburgh flats and houses.


Honestly I love them. I’m also a little disappointed mine and Haitham’s door is a boring ol’ white. Anyway, I just hope no one saw me snapping photos of their doors.


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