This one could also be subtitled, Clarissa didn’t actually do much of anything today. In my defense it’s because the weather totally tricked me. When I woke up and checked the forecast with visions of a nice cycle dancing in my head, I was greeted with doom and gloom and 40+ mph wind speeds. So I thought, “hmm, maybe not today.”

What did I get? Sun shining all day and hardly even a puff of wind–I trusted you, weather guy!! 

At least I shot off some applications eh?

So I’ll talk about my dining from the night before… because who doesn’t like hearing about other people’s meals, eh?


Here’s a sundae I had the night prior with my gal-pal Krista. Notice there’s two: it’s a well-known fact that girls who eat ice cream together, stay pals forever. The sundae in question was procured from the cute wee pub called Woodland Creatures down Leith Walk.

This was of course after stuffing face at a really nice establishment called Punjabi Junction, whose mission is this: “Punjabi Junction is run by Sikh Sanjog for the community. Our vision is to inspire and empower Sikh and other Minority Ethnic women to advance their own life opportunities, through the building of skills, confidence and social inclusion.”

True enough the food was delicious and served by very lovely ladies. Not only that, it was cheap as chips! I can totally dig it. Would recommend if any random Edinburghians ever happen to stumble upon this blog.


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