I saw a minor celebrity today. He’s looking a bit aged these days I will admit, and is a bit past his prime. However he was nice enough to let me get a photo of him, even if he was a little stand-offish.

He also let me give him a chin scratch.

Who did I meet, pray tell? Oswald the Museum Cat of course!


Oswald is a bit of a local hero in Stirling. If you look at the museum website, he’s even got a substantial poem written in his honor. So, naturally when I got a call to return to Stirling for a second interview, well, what better way to make the most of my time than by paying homage to wee Oswald?

The museum itself–fully titled the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum–was a quaint place that featured showcases relating to the history of Stirling itself. All sorts of things were covered, from information about the industries that have risen in the area, to a gallery showcasing some local art. It was also complete with some plush relics and art pieces of Oswald tucked here and there. My particular favorite was the Margaret Thatcher mug. Like… her face. In mug form. Which was nestled in among the miner’s display, which seems a bit cheeky if you ask me (for those who don’t know, old Thatcher was not miner’s friends).

But I digress.

We had an abrupt weather change recently from milder weather to sudden sleety showers and winds. Edinburgh of course had no accumulation whatsoever, but I was pleasantly surprised to see all the snow in the Pentlands as I drove out of town. That turns to minor fuming when I got to Stirling and saw that the Wallace Monument, which had greeted my climbing efforts before with a gusty, cold, drizzly view, was now nestled snugly into the snowy hills alongside. Talk about what a beautiful view that would have been had I gone on this trip instead!!


Ah well, still got some nice shots of it. Also had a wander through Stirling, had some nice coffee in a very touristy cafe featuring bagpipes in the background as you do, and had a promising second interview. So things could always be worse eh!

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