Haitham and I sometimes head into town and are greeted, depending on the time, by either masses of people flowing towards us or away. It’s one of the quirks of living relatively close to Murrayfield Stadium, which happens to be the largest stadium in Scotland. And since this is the U.K., you have RUGBY. (And soccer!)

I’ll admit I don’t know much about rugby except those guys are FIT. (Those thighs though.) To me it’s a bit like American football, except more brutal, no helmets, and no pauses in play. When someone gets blocked while still holding the ball, the fellers do this wild dogpile on top of each other. The play doesn’t end there–the guy with the ball and also who happens to be the bottom of a pile of burly men, strategically shuggles the ball by shielding it with his ball and trying to get it passed on to one of his teammates. Gotta give ’em credit there.

And then there’s the scrum. Like… I don’t even actually know.

Anyway!!! So it was, surprise surprise, Scotland vs Wales in the 6 Nations Championship yesterday, which happened to be at Murrayfield. As Haitham and I headed innocently into town, we began passing the throngs of merrymakers in full ornament. For Scotland, this included highland cow hats, kilts, and 6-packs of Tennants beer. For Wales, this meant people with giant daffodil hats, sheep costumes, and Welsh flags acting as skirts.

It was kind of amazing. Even better, turns out Scotland actually won!

But I won’t post any of those photos and instead will just end on a tourist photo I snapped while enjoying our walk after the flood ceased.


I just loved spotting the wee rainbow flag at the very top of the Royal Mile. #pride

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