It was an uneventful day by most standards. It’s easy to use Scottish weather as a cop-out for lazy days, but also true. One thing I noticed upon moving here was not that it rains a lot, but how it rains. Gray days here are the norm, especially in winter, and it does drizzle pretty frequently. But never massive amounts. I think growing up in Tennessee made me think “rain” = “torrential downpour, schools are out, there’s massive flooding everywhere.” Here rain typically either means a light but constant drizzle, or it means WIND.



I guess the dilemma isn’t so bad except Edinburgh is a place where people walk. I know! Southerners haven’t heard of this thing really–what’s a walk? Is it that thing you do in the seconds it takes to get to your car outside? Sure, Southerners know bad weather. But when you’ve got a car, you can avoid the humidity, the pelting rain, the naders, what have you, except for in those brief interludes where you haven’t managed to find shelter.

But in Edinburgh you’ve got great public transport, really small roads, little need for a car and hardly anywhere to park if you did, you instead face the elements. That means trying to squeeze in with loads of other poor blokes at the bus stops, hoping you can get a middle position so the wind doesn’t blast the rain in through the exposed bits. Or if you’ve already started walking, that you can flip your umbrella right side in before you get too drenched. Sometimes it’s pointless even bothering with the brolly should it get too gusty–the wind can sling the rain in your face from beneath your brolly, no questions asked. Not only that, but if you decide to take a bus in the rain, well, chances are you’re not the only one. Welcome to wet, congested bus hell!

Anyway yesterday was a day like that here in Edi. I’m ashamed to admit that Haitham and I trundled up into the Panda just to go to Lidl… which is literally less than a mile away. I know, it’s shameful. But when we waited to pull out we saw a lady waiting outside of the bus stop smoking a cigarette. It was coming in sideways, but for some reason this lady wasn’t even bothering with waiting beneath the covered bus stop. She had all her bags stacked on the wet ground, no brolly, cigarette fully lit, and a long baguette fully exposed to the elements poking out from within one of her bags.

There’s just honestly no telling sometimes.

I guess we can only hope for our one day of summer to be winging its way to us even as I type this. For now, if interested, you can check the Edinburgh weather here.



2 thoughts on “26-2-17 Sunday Blues

  1. It didn’t take me long to get used to driving everywhere after I moved back to the South. We live 1/2 mile from June’s school now and I’m still waiting on a “good day” so I can walk her there. We used to walk every morning in NJ even in a good foot of snow. Very spoiled.


    1. It’s funny how it changes depending on your location and the norm eh? I walked two and a half miles home today because I didn’t want to shell out another 1.60 for the bus ride home! But the weather was nice for a change so it was totally worth it!!


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