Can you believe it? March is here! Certainly the weather here actually feels like it, too. It was another crystal clear day in Edinburgh.

There’s a brewery down the road from our flat–it’s called the Caledonian Brewery and is not only responsible for pub on-tap favorites Deuchars IPA, The Flying Scotsman, and Edinburgh Castle, but the often-smelled source of wafting yeast on the breeze. Mmm mmm good! When I first moved here I found it a bit off-putting, but it’s rather grown on me. Like mold. Somedays, when I’m really lucky, it smells on the cheesier side, like some good ol’ Cheetos.


Deuchars is a pretty nice, well-rounded brew on the rare occasions I do find myself looking for a trusty pint. More often than not though I find myself going for bottled fair Innis & Gunn, which is if I’m not mistaken a beer created by the son of the owner of the Caledonian Brewery guy. Funny, eh? It’s a small wee world here in Edinburgh.


I particularly love Innis & Gunn because it’s no pansy when it comes to alcohol content. It’s sweet enough to be tasty, malty enough to still be a proper brew, but also packs quite a whallop at 7.7% ABV. Shoo wee!

But enough about that. I didn’t take either of those pictures. I did, however, snap a photo of the brewery as the sun was setting. I keep waiting for the perfect day to get a photo of the damn thing, but never quite catch it in the right lighting. Either way, on this particularly pungent day, I quite like the results of this photo here.


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