The weather is still holding, clear and mostly sunny! Today I took a drive to the majestic town of Larbert. Which to be honest is a bit of a weak name as far as cities go. I mean… Larbert. It doesn’t really inspire loyal followings, does it?

Anyway I had an interview out there. As I was leaving, I paused for a moment to enjoy the scenery nearby. I don’t have any clue what those hills are, but I did think they were mighty impressive. Scotland never fails to provide some amazing scenery when you least expect it. (Like outside of places called “Larbert.”)


I normally would spend some time exploring the area while there, but decided to beat it back to Edinburgh without snuffing out the secrets of Larbert. Instead I headed back into town, hopped on my bike, and attempted to make it on time to a meetup for photography. I missed the gathering by a few minutes (curse these Edi roadworks!) but did have a quick wander in the sun along Princes Street Gardens enjoying myself nonetheless.

Spotted this remnant of the Christmas Market hanging from a tree near Waverley Station.


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