Haitham made the mistake of getting me a video game, y’all. He heard me lamenting the fact that I never got to play a particularly famous/incredibly geeky RPG when it was in its hey-day, and lo and behold a few days later guess what arrived in the mail? The newest version of said game. After some grumps at all the game mechanics–when did games get so gosh-darn complicated??–I was in the thrall.

After a while we eventually extricated ourselves to go for a quick wander at the nearby Blackford Hill. Remember all those hills I mentioned in a prior post? No? Me either. Anyway, Blackford Hill is a stunning place for those interested in getting a fantastic aspect of Arthur’s Seat. As it was the evening hours and the sun had decided to grace us with its presence, the view was absolutely on point. Loads of folks were out with their dogs and small children were tumbling pell-mell all over the place.


There’s also an old observatory. How neat is that? Haitham and I once did a tour inside and it was awesome.


Honestly it’s like 360 degree photo opportunities. Perfect for amateur photo goobs like us. Next up, the castle, with the distinctive Firth of Forth just beyond!


But for those not so inclined to architectural delights, there’s always feathery friends to consider. As the evening sun dipped lower, you could hear jubilant birdsong bouncing all about the hillside. I caught this fine fellow below really going for it, singing his damn head off for the entire countryside to hear. It was a gorgeous song though, so I can’t say I blame him. Turns out he’s an aptly named song thrush.


I then caught this wild fledgling bird engaging in some strange behavior atop the hill. I think we scared her off, as she disappeared reappear a little further down engaging in the same activity. Am I getting old? Is this what it feels like to lose touch with youths? Are we doomed to enter a society 100% dedicated to the art of the Perfect Selfie? I guess I’m not mad though–after all, she had an amazing pink camera complete with a ridiculously loud shutter noise.


Haitham and I eventually disengaged enough from the happy dogs and lovely scenery to head home before the sun fully set but not before the sky began to purple. What a stunning evening.


For those interested, here’s a very wobbly video of our wee songbird going at it. The video stinks but the song remains delightful!

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