Tuesday was my last “free day” before my trial at a potential job. So of course I spent it productively.


We can all blame Haitham for this one. I think he thought he was doing a good thing. Bless his heart.

Eventually I extricated myself from the webs of sidequests and growing a neckbeard, because I had plans with an old colleague who I hadn’t seen in a while! Turns out her partner here landed an excellent job within a popular joint here called the Scotch Whisky Experience. I’d been once before, but on the offer to go for free on another tour with my friend, well! As a whisky fan who was I to refuse?

The experience itself can be summed up thusly: cheesy but informative entertainment! The first time I went I was pretty bemused by the slow-moving “barrel ride” that you set forth on first thing. You trickle slowly through tunnels where a CG ghost follows you explaining the process of whisky distillation–right.

But they’ve spruced up the following explanation of whisky geography with a giant room featuring a wall-to-wall screen that showcases absolutely stunning footage of the various whisky regions¬†within Scotland. My friend commented at the end that it was like the best propaganda film towards visiting she’d ever seen, and I’m inclined to agree. It really was fancy! The following room we were allowed to choose which whisky we wanted to sample based on its region. I went for Campeltown, which I’ve not experienced very much. My Glen Scotia dram was lovely!


The real prize of the Experience is being able to see the world’s biggest Scotch whisky collection. Some rich guy has been privately buying all these amazing bottles for a long time now. He eventually brought them here to Edinburgh where they remain to this day. It’s a gorgeous room featuring so many stunning bottles of all shapes and sizes. Totally worth it for a cheeky photo op for sure!


Afterwards the three of us headed out to dinner and even managed to find the closest thing to “proper” Mexican food we’ve had since moving here. (A devastatingly hard thing to find here!)

So here’s to whisky and the good times it brings!

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