Well, back to the grindstone again eh folk?

Today was my first day at another garden centre, this one a pretty fair shake outside of Edinburgh. The lady I interviewed with suggested the trial day, and for fair reason, considering a trial day at a place can tell you a lot about whether or not you actually want to work there. So I readily agreed to this, and took off that morning to my new potential digs.

The funny thing about garden centres within Scotland is that they are all fairly similar to one another, at least with regards to the things that they sell and who they get them from. It’s all about location and available suppliers I suppose. That said, the folk at this place seem like really nice people, and I was certainly kept busy enough with tasks. Some of them familiar and comfortable (plant displays, throwing out old stock, pruning, etc.) and some familiar but in a slightly cringey way.

I’m talking about the meerkats of course.

In the UK there’s this commercial (at least this is how Haitham has explained it) that started featuring, naturally, some talking meerkats (who also sound Russian?). They explain that they operate a service called “Compare the Meerkat”–NOT the well-known service, Compare the Market. Blah blah.

Anyway one of the companies we worked with at my last job featured lots of little life-like animal statues of dogs and stuff. While I did enjoy seeing small children run up to the life-size dog statues and give them loving pats on the head, eventually I started dreading seeing these guys come in. There were loads. Even worse, eventually they made some kind of deal with the meerkats and I had to deal with these.


Honestly I question people’s judgement sometimes. It’s not just this one either. James Bond meerkats, cowboy meerkats, pajama meerkats, you name it.

So when I was ushered away from plant-duties to work on the ever-familiar meerkats and other animals sitting in teacups and giant highland cow replicas, well. I wasn’t sure exactly how to feel… like some meerkat-mad person was playing a joke on me!? But hey ho, a job’s a job eh?

At the end of the day my manager suggested that I work there for the rest of the month to see how I found the longish drive. I thought that was a  very kind offer and accepted. Considering I may still well find something else, but for the time being I think the place is nice enough, it suits us both!

Being as I didn’t want to give off the wrong impression on my first day, I didn’t go in swinging the big ol’ camera about, but I did manage to take this wee photo of the tiniest snail I discovered on a pot that morning. Hardly bigger than a water droplet. I stinkin’ love the little guys.



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