Thursday came along with my second trial day at work. I got to finish up my meerkat madness–lucky me!–but I’ll admit that when I got to set up a fabulous display for a giant highland cow statue from the same order, all was forgiven. I seriously love highland cows!

I only snapped a few photos at the end of the day–surprisingly enough, they’re of flowers! Who would have guessed it! Garden centres never fail to be places full of light and color perfect for a cheeky photo opp. There’s always something in bloom no matter the season. Perhaps that’s always been the appeal for me, all the botanical delights one can sniff out, and helping nice folk uncover those charms for themselves.

I was asked to pot up some spring hanging baskets, which you’ll hear no complaints from this girl about! Hanging baskets are super easy to do but have a typical “formula.” The easiest to remember is the “spiller, thriller, filler” method, which features something big, tall guy for height or to be a feature; others to fill up the pot; and some to spill over the side. Any variation on that depending on tastes makes for a lovely basket or planter.

The baskets I made featured a wee clump of daffodils just coming into bloom, a few segments of ivy to trail down the side, a small bellis plant for blossoms, a wee evergreen for color and contrast, and last but not least, the spring essential: the primrose. Primroses are a fan favorite here for their bright, cheery, multi-colored faces and ability to withstand the lingering winter chill makes them a trusty spring favorite.


I don’t particularly remember seeing them at the nursery back home in Tennessee, but maybe they’ve caught on in the years since. You gotta hand it to ’em though. They’re nothing if not cheery to see after long Scottish winters!


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