Uh-oh. A hard-earned day off… with little in the way of plans. You know what that means right? Run errands like the adult that I am? Clean the house? Hoover up all the dirt I track into the tiny Panda? Cook lots of food for the week? Go outside?!!

Nay friends. It’s time to PLAY VIDYA GAMES.

Honestly we can blame H for this one. And me for opening my big dumb mouth and saying how I wished I could play such-and-such game. Because now it’s taking over my life. 


Here’s a wee comic that encapsulates one of the more frustrating elements of the game that even I, inexperienced gaming lass that I am, have picked up on. You’ll be trying to have a polite chat with some random character and suddenly you’re lunging at them. Or trying to pick up what I call “shiny sparklies” off the ground and you jack be nimble right over the thing a hundred times instead. Ah well! WORTH IT.

I did manage to leave the flat though–enough is enough after all. Went out to the shops. Yes sirree. A little less than a mile’s walk, done and dusted.

When I was on my way back I saw a work van parked in the church nearby. Being as I had to skirt my way around it, I couldn’t help but notice the goofy driver. I swear they’ll hand out a UK driving license to just about anybody these days.




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