In the UK people describe someone’s going-away party as a “leaving do.” Other events can also become “do’s,” as bachelor and bachelorette parties are referred to as stag and hen do’s round these parts.

That said, H & I attended a leaving do in Glasgow for my sister-in-law, the eldest of all her siblings (H among them) and total shining star of a human being named Layla. Her husband has only recently seized upon his dual citizenship, having been born in the States but never lived there. As a result Layla is venturing off with him to none other than the Big Apple! She’s been a delight to know let alone be related to by marriage: the kind of person that brightens a room upon entering with her warm personality and excellent banter. Family Christmases here will certainly be different without her–her big, booming laugh will be missed!!

(Little does she know I’m already plotting a wee package of UK essentials to send her way once she heads off. It seems only fitting since when I landed here I was greeted with a “Welcome to Scotland” basket effort headed by none other!)

Here’s a photo with Layla being doted on by my FIL, who loves all his children but holds a understandable soft spot for his girls!



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