The day after her leaving do Layla, my SIL who I mentioned in the prior post, was kind enough to drive through to Edi in order to have a quick visit with us. The boot of her car was crammed full of goodies packed away in the process of clearing house before her move. When she asked H on the phone what he wanted, he suggested what I know as his only clutter-bug weakness: kitchenware! So when Layla arrived midday she came with two boxes full of kitchen goodies which we pawed through like the animals that we are. Thanks to her I finally have some muffin tins, which I’ve bemoaned my lack of but never actually bothered to do anything to rectify till now… huzzah!

The real treat aside from the kitchen loot was several boxes of photographs. It seems the entire family was quite close with their belated grandmother, a lady whom everyone mentions with some fondness that I can only wish I could have met her. It seems she was quite industrious with regards to holding onto photographs and mementos, as Layla managed to snag several boxes worth of them when it came time to clear her estate. She has handed them off to H to digitize, but in the meanwhile a good portion of her visit over was spent marveling at the delights to be found inside.

First we attempted to have a walk though. That lasted about 5 minutes because the mild weather we’ve had lately has abruptly taken a turn for windy, blustery yuck once more. You can see how much they’re enjoying themselves here. Or is that just a normal family resemblance??


How cool are old photos then? It’s amazing that Haitham’s grandmother not only has so many photos of the whole family as wee bairns, but photos of unknown family members in the Victorian era!


It’s seriously amazing looking at this stuff. The outfits, the time, it all seems so idyllic when looking at it from so far away in time.


What is it about old photos that makes everything look so awesome? Even this baby, which only has “Unknown” written on the back in a mysterious hand. Here’s to you, unknown baby… wherever you are now, here or the next life!

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