Monday! It was my day off, which meant that I did a whole lot of nothing–again. I’ll happily blame still being caught in the throes of my video game for that one. What can I say? Those side quests ain’t gonna sort themselves!

I did notice that the weather looked beautiful out, sunny and bright all day, which prompted me to take to the bike when I finally did unchain myself from the couch. I headed off to collect some goodies for dinner, deciding I would make a special trip to Real Foods (organic hippie stuff) to pick up some Italian sausage tofurkey. I know, I know. It’s not quite as good as Dad’s own real-deal cooking, which I still think is one of my all-time favorite meals. But in a pinch, it’s as close to that as I can get, so hey-ho!

Naturally when I set out the clouds came whipping out of nowhere and it began to drizzle. (This is why you always carry a small hand towel with you in Scotland when biking, to wipe that ol’ seat right off. No soggy bottoms here!) When I came out of the shops the sky was beginning to clear a bit, so I thought I’d head along to one of the parks nearby called the Meadows to see if the daffodils were blooming.

Lo and behold what a treat awaited! The sky partially cleared and I was greeted with a big ol’ rainbow. Even better, at my end of the Meadows you can glimpse Arthur’s Seat off in the distance, making for An Excellent Photo Session.


Check out those wicked clouds. What a contrast!


How amazing. After gawking and taking a few too many photos, I headed home along the cycle path, which just so happens to pass a swathe of daffodils. I learned a trick from Haitham that if you set your camera f-stop to 11 or above, you can get an excellent star-dazzle effect of any bright light exposure.


Michael Bay approved.

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