The mild, unreasonably spring-like weather has had many Edinburghians coaxed out from their hibernation stations as of late. Cherries are budding, daffodils are daffing, Scots are busting out their shorts and trying to sit outside at pubs (too soon, guys, too soon). However, the joy of spring is that at any given moment Mother Nature may say, “Just kidding!” and pull a fast one on ya from out of nowhere. Take for example, Monday’s rainbows and sunshine… meet Tuesday’s slushy, sleety mess.

All day at work it was off and on proper mingin’. Snowing, raining, yuck mixes of the two. By the end of the day though, the clouds had cleared away for a brief spell and as I was leaving work I pulled over for a moment. It’s a great field to be honest–I may look like a doofus to my new colleagues as they shuttle off towards home, passing some broad pulled off to the side of the road taking photos of sheep?! But hey-ho! Worth it to take in the snowy scene stretching out before me, and of course, the sheeps. I like the one sheep turning tail and trotting off in photo center. Let’s hear it for woolly sheeps!


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