Wednesday, 22nd of March: Phones and Birds Who Care Not

Been having a wee bit of phone troubles as of late. My little lifeline has taken to shorting out, shutting itself off and requiring secret resuscitation methods to get it back on again. However, after it shut itself off and refused to turn back on again even with the secret methods, we took it in to have it sent off and repaired.

Lo and behold, we got the phone back! Huzzah! And it was on!! So surely it was fixed, right?

Noooope. When we got the detailed description of the problem and solutions, “phone shuts itself off” had been translated into “network has not been fully mapped.”

Wait… what? I mean… how do you even go from one to the other? I mean, I don’t get technical jargon, but… still.

So I didn’t take a photo today. I’ll fill you in instead with some birdy information. This Sunday past when Haitham and I were loafing about, we kept hearing an absurdly loud set of notes being trilled by a hidden feather source. Each time I ran to the window and peered out, there was no one to be seen. I think I ended up spending most of the morning running between the bedroom window and the living room window on opposite sides of the flat to find the culprit, who appeared to be flying from one side of the building to the other just for a laugh.

Eventually though I caught the little guy in the act. He was a rather nondescript, gray-and-brown bird that looks rather like a sparrow. However, after some research I discovered he’s called a dunnock! Not to be confused with a Tunnock, of course, which is a brand that makes tasty snacks here in the UK. Tunnock’s tea cakes are a delightful little biscuit+marshmallow combo in a round chocolate shell. Sort of like a s’more that’s ready-made.

Exhibit A: A Tunnock’s tea cake.teacake-large-new

Exhibit B: A dunnock singing in the back garden. I think I start off the video by cheerfully calling him Tunnock the dunnock. Can you really blame me?!

You can see in the video that he tucks one little foot up under him. In other photos I’ve taken of him I’ve noticed he has some sort of growth on foot, which makes me a bit sad to see but not overly so as he certainly seems to get around well enough without it, making trips to our front garden and the neighbor’s back where he proceeds to sing as loudly as possible at all hours of the day. Lucky for him I’ve got an excellent birdy platter of snacks he can make the most of!


Thursday, 23rd of March: Clarissa Explores First World Problems

Woke up in a sort of bad mood for some reason. Perhaps it was partly due to my lack of phone. Oh, yeah. Remember that guy? That I just got back the day before? Funny story, it’s shut itself off again permanently. Perhaps the “network mapping” didn’t fix the problem after all! Who would’ve guessed it!

As such, I found myself at work with a cloud over my head until I made the active decision to focus on the things I was looking forward to. Sometimes it’s funny how a simple decision to think about something else makes all the difference. Too bad sometimes it’s not always that easy!

Perk: not having my phone meant I cracked open a North Sea Gas CD and actually used my CD player in the car for once. Ah, CDs… how I used to revel in your glory, until I left you kicking around in the floorboards for too long and you got scratched to shit. Them were the days eh!

I still managed to take a photo though.



These are anemones, which I adore. (Although I think mine got ett up by vine weevils. Boo, hiss.) Nevermind that–the ones at my work are lookin’ excellent! There’s loads of different kinds of anemone, and they do tolerably well in partial shade (helpful in my wee garden), and they are also called Wind Flowers which I think is just peachy. There, there’s your tidbits for today!

Haitham gets a gold star of a husband award for going out of his way to exchange the phone for a second time at the shop, so here’s me now back in touch with civilization once more! Although it’s getting a bit tiring having to reshuggle all my applications and things over and over. Ah well–first world problems, anyone?


2 thoughts on “22nd and 23rd March, 2017 – Flora and Fauna

  1. Do you really think so?! I think I would sound 100% the same if we were to chat. Just depends on who’s around I guess. 😛 Probably sound like a pretentious wanker here, saying tomahtoe and bahsil!!!


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