Sunday, 26th of March

I had arranged to work Sunday in order to have my prior bluebell-plantin’ day free. This worked out quite well for my manager EJ, who knew that Sunday would probably be quite mental being as it was Mother’s Day!

(Sidenote: U.K. Mother’s Day actually started as Mothering Sunday, which although now celebrated the same as American Mother’s Day got its roots in the church, falling exactly three weeks before Easter. It was once treated as a means to visit one’s “Mother” church. Who knew?)

Considering I was working, hustling planted containers out the door to all the wee mums and cute kids, I didn’t snap any photos. And though I’ve from time to time tried to surprise my own mom by sending her flowers on this day in the past, I failed even to do that this year. I’ll try and make up for it now by sending a quick shout-out to Mom, who does sometimes stumble upon this here blog. I love you, Mom, and looking through our photos together on your trip over here made me look forward to taking terrible photos together again soon!

Just lookit her. Isn’t she such a cutie?


Monday, 27th of March

Another quirky difference between the U.K. and America is when the clocks roll back. For Americans this happens on the 12th of March, for Brits it was midnight of the 27th. I remember when H and I were long-distance it meant that for a few weeks the time between us was a difference of five hours instead of six, which meant when I was leaving work or what have you I’d have one extra hour to see what he was up to before he headed off to bed. It’s the little things!

Anywho, I was off work that day and spent the majority of the day puttering about, doing some tidying and generally staring off into space. Funny how the hours pass so quickly sometimes when you’re just doing boring adult stuff. I finally got my butt out of the house for a long meander through Edinburgh’s winding streets before meeting Haitham outside of his work for an extra-hour-of-sunshine ice cream rendezvous.

Along my sunny wander, I took in the sights. Like this ribes (a flowering currant) in full bloom. I actually really like this photo even though it was a quick snap through the bars into some posh area of Edi’s private gardens. Those things make me mental. It’s like, a normal garden would inspire some curiosity for sure. But a fenced, private garden? Just what have they got in there that my peasant eyes can’t see?!?! need to know.



After my wander I met up with H, and we then went to the newly-opened ice cream joint down the road from us, called something questionable like Heavenly Scoopz, which we reckon may be the cover-up for a drug front of some kind. Either way the ice cream was yummy, although it was bewildering to see how many packages of rainbow cake some guy was offloading onto them. Just how many slices of rainbow cake do you need to stockpile? Who was it all for?? Were they expecting a rainbow cake rush??

Anyway, I’ll finish off with another photo from my wander.


Gotta love city living and the never-ending battle against dog turds!

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