Thursday, 30th of March

Another day of work followed by my flying back into Edi via the Panda Express. As I was meant to meet up with my mate Krista for an ice cream date, I took a slightly different route back into town, one which passes by the South Queensferry. I stinkin’ love the little city, mainly because of this.


(No, not my photo as I haven’t mastered my levitation/drone skills just yet!)

Not only is South Queensferry a really charming wee place, but it features a fantastic view out at three bridges that span the gap over the Firth of Forth. The red bridge at the back is known as the Forth Rail Bridge where the trains shoot across, the one in the middle the road bridge, and the newest and not yet completed is the white bridge at the front. I’ve watched in bits and pieces as the bridge slowly crosses the water and the gaps meet each other. It’s been a real undertaking, and I can see the top of the white beams peeking out from the horizon on my drive from work.

However, today as I took a different route I passed right by the bridges on my way back into Edinburgh, and was greeted with a stunning glimpse as I went past. You can cycle over the road bridge, which I’ve done (awesome!!) or just enjoy a coffee on either side and take it all in. Some days I take it for granted where I live, but when I see these bad boys I really am grateful to live in such an amazing place.

Anyway, I’ll close with a photo of an ice cream shop dog. Affogato is the name of the shop that just happens to be my favorite joint in town. Because it’s amazing. Not only is the ice cream (technically gelato) amazing, it has an ice cream shop dog. What more do you want? (They even had pumpkin spice waffles with pumpkin gelato last autumn. Honestly.)

Here’s the watchful


Friday, 31st of March

It was my new colleague, Kirsty’s, last day at work today. She’s a lovely wee thing who is onward to better things, but not before filling me in on the juicy gossip at my new place of work and her old. The plan was to surprise her at the end of the day with flowers and gifts and things. I was told to accompany her for our evening tea break while they set up her surprise in the cafe. We headed to the break room to fix some tea, whereupon Kirsty immediately decided she wanted a coffee from the cafe. I hastily said “Let me get it!!” and tried to strongarm her into letting me fetch one for her, even going so far as suggesting she sit outside and I’d bring her something for her last day, but she was adamant and halfway across the shop by that point like a tiny steamroller. Ironically enough as soon as she got there after some standing around she decided she was happy enough with just her apple, and we walked back to the break room. I didn’t even get a coffee! Luckily nothing had been set up in the cafe by that point, because obviously I make a terrible secret-enforcer! (Not that she’d made it an easy task!!)

After work H and I headed over to our friend Nic’s flat, lured in by the promise of not only boardgames among friends, but the presence of Nic’s new kitten Elphie. What a tiny ball of ferocious adorableness she was! She’s a feisty wee thing, spending most of her time that night cavorting in and out of a small shoe box. Later on she got particularly energetic towards my big, scary human hand and proceeded to somersault and poof herself up as only a delightfully ferocious kitten can do!


Too spooky for me!

I’ll admit it took some doing for me and H to stop taking ridiculous up-close photos, but when we finally did we got a chance to introduce our friends to a favorite game of ours, which has the delightful name of Secret Hitler.

The basic gist of the game is explained here, narrated by Mr. Wil Wheaton!

It’s honestly such a hilarious game, but it can also leave you with feelings of utter betrayal if played too well! I’m pleased to admit that the first round of gaming was won by Hitler (Emma) and myself (her loyal fascist) which is the first time I’ve won as the “bad guys”! Mwahah! Hilariously enough, Emma also got the secret identity of Hitler twice running, which basically means we can no longer trust her in life from here on out!


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