Saturday, April 1st

It’s April! More specifically, April Fool’s Day! And I can say that I was tricked by no one. Is that a success or a failure? I don’t really know, but I don’t mind either way. Does anyone actually actively try to trick other folks these days? I do see some funny internet ads and the presence of Miss Pacman on Google maps… but to me that doesn’t quite count. Ah well.

It was a busy day at work, understandable considering the sun was out and it was warm. And it’s spring! So people were out and about tossing plants into their carts with reckless abandon, as you do in nice Scottish weather.

On the way home from work the weather teetered just on the edge of gloomy rain, but then decided to pass–but not before giving me a fantastic rainbow show. Honestly. I should start keeping tabs on how many rainbows I see while living in Scotland. Because it’s a lot.


Sunday, April 2nd

A day off work! And what a day it was, folks. Because Haitham and I unleashed our inner children and went to a…

safari park!

Who knew that such a place even existed in the realm of Scotland? Somehow Haitham did!

The place was glorious. There was a well-managed driving bit, where you could course through taking in macaques, rhinos, lions, and crazy African deer-type things. There was a petting zoo area featuring furious llamas and children unsure if they were about to be spat at; girthy goats, snorty pigs and then some. Then there was a sort of “zoo” bit complete with meerkats, sea lions, and red lemurs giraffes, tigers, leaf-cutter ants, and best of all–a wee baby rhino!


This wee guy was having a snooze before he finally got up to stomp about with mom. (Haitham was amazed by the sheer size of her horn. Me too, to be honest! Imagine how heavy that thing is!) At one point two birds flitted into the enclosure, and wee baby rhino was havin’ none of that and stormed over in a flurry of flat feet, shooing them out. It was so cute.

I did upon arrival say to Haitham “It’s a shame we don’t have kids to drag along to this!” That moment lasted all of about 5 seconds before we proceeded to behave like big kids ourselves! Who needs ’em when you can let your own inner child out to play!



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