Monday, April 3rd

A nice, quiet, somewhat overcast day. Back at work, which is a bit jarring going from consecutive days off in a row to not. But I think I prefer it this way, having a break in the middle of the week, and time to run about in town on a weekday is always nice.

Not too much of note on this relatively quiet day. I spent a good amount of time cleaning up the vegetable beds at work–a relaxing, somewhat therapeutic task.

I did stop a moment to appreciate this camellia variety which showcases ginormous blossoms. Seriously, look at this guy! Flowers the size of dinner plates, I tell you what. A serious nod to the camellia family–without them, we wouldn’t have tea, the UK would be a barbaric wasteland and the South wouldn’t have delicious, sweetly iced beverages!


Tuesday, April 4th

Are you tired of plant photos yet? God knows I am. I really need to get more creative, eh?

Here’s a boring photo of forsythia. A common enough beacon of spring in the South; still appreciated for the same here in Scotland! I’m a total sucker for good lighting on flowers. The way leaves and petals seem to glow gets me every time.


Wednesday, April 5th

I was off work today, huzzah! So obviously I need to start off my mentioning the weather, right? Because that’s what determines a “normal day off” with a “fucking awesome day off!” Lucky for me, my day fell neatly into the latter, with sunny (if a bit breezy) weather perfect for getting into trouble.

After some hasty cleaning and tidying was done around the house, I scuttled out of the house on my bike to head down to Leith. There’s a great climbing gym down there fashioned from the innards of an old church. The stained glass windows are still intact, which makes it a charming place to get your climb on. A lot of times there are groups of children there to take part in climbing courses. It’s usually hilarious to observe from the upper floor “observation deck”–but it can get a bit noisy (or emotional–sometimes there are even tears!) if you’re sharing the floor!


After heading back home along a canal path brimming over with wild garlic (stinky!), Haitham eventually got home and we headed back down to Leith–this time for dinner with our mates, Dave and Amy, who had cooked us a lovely meal in their newly minted, Ikea-made kitchen. It honestly looks amazing and totally brings the flat to a new level of polish! After our meal and loads of great chat, they cracked open our gift to them, an on-site bottled whiskey from Auchentoshan that we treated them to following their wedding. Boy, that stuff is stout… but delicious!


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