Thursday, April 6th

Another total stunner of a day. Finished listening to Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at work. While it wasn’t exactly what I was thinking it was going to be, mainly due to my own misunderstanding of what it was about, I thought it was a delightful read. Curious Incident is about a fifteen year old boy on the autistic spectrum, who enjoys maths and space, who looks at the world from a mind that perceives things very literally. He also lives by a set of particular “rules” that can make or break his day.


The story starts off when Christopher, our hero and narrator, discovers his neighbor’s dead dog, Wellington, in the garden. What unravels as Christopher begins the arduous but to his mind necessary task of investigation is a story that is funny, sweet, and sad all rolled into one. I would totally recommend this one to others for a read. I’m just disappointed I didn’t see the play adaptation when it hit Edi just a few weeks ago! It looks brilliant!


Friday, April 7th

The owners of my garden centre have a little dug named Rowsey. I like to call him Lousy Rowsey because… it rhymes. He basically has the run of the place, all except the cafe, which is not a dug-friendly place. But he knows the score–if he waits patiently just outside the entrance to the cafe every morning, eventually he will be granted a sausage.


What a cutie. He loves the family grandpapa too, following him around with tail wagging furiously whenever he’s about.

Saturday, April 8th

What a damned fine day it was. After giving the old bike a wee dust-off, I cycled down the the nearby “Russel Road” meetup point for a foray with my bike group, Belles on Bikes. I adore this group because they are extremely road conscious, they always have loads of good chat, they appreciate a cheeky lunch stop, and never leave anyone behind. I’ve gone out with them so many times now and never have I had a bad time!

This one was no different! In fact it was the perfect day for it. The sun was warm on our backs–at one point I even had bare arms exposed to the sun, it was that warm guys, the first time this year I have worn short sleeves out!–and the scenery and route was just perfect.

Extra perk, the girls don’t mind at all while I take loads of photos. Honestly, I love them!

Our first stop, the Dalmeny House, a private estate home whose lands feature loads of winding pathways which are accessible only to cyclists and walkers.


Next stop, Abercorn Church, whose stones hail back from somewhere around 1100; the gravestones too speak of times long gone by, featuring pictures rather than writing, and showing symbols of one’s trade such as an anvil for a blacksmith, or bread for a baker. However, there are also Viking burial stones held inside, from times even before that. It’s an amazing place! I was most impressed with this, though, that was added in the late 1800’s.


Then there was a castle–Blackness Castle!


And yet more estates with their beautiful forests.


What a great day, honestly.

Sunday, April 9th

Have I mentioned before that I travel around 45 minutes to my job outside of town? So it is–it’s something I don’t mind overmuch as it gives me loads of time to listen to my audiobooks (which I adore), it’s a pretty drive and never much traffic, and considering my two-bus, hour-and-a-half time from my last job, it’s an improvement!

However, when you mess up your schedule and arrive on a day you were meant to have off… well. You can understand the frustration. I mainly felt a bit put-off by my having misunderstood the schedule, and the subsequent potential to have flubbed making plans for a mighty fine day!

So to take advantage as much as I could, I decided to head to Beecraigs Country Park, which is somewhere between Edi and my job just outside a picturesque town called Linlithgow. Beecraigs is lovely, featuring stunning views of the valley below it including the distant Forth and its fainly-seen bridges. More importantly though, it is a Clarissa-Tested, Clarissa-Approved location of heery coos.


Look at this pile of cuddle-bugs. Have you ever seen something so sweet in your entire life? I’ll admit my main rationale for a cheeky visit was in the hopes that the place would be swimming with lambs and heery coo calves, but alas, I was too early!

Until next time, Beecraigs… I’m waiting!!


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