Wednesday, 12th of March

Following work, an ice cream date… again!

Have I mentioned my never-ending affection for the best gelato joint in town? (Yes, I think that I have, and I’m not sorry!) One that has a spinnin’ wheel of gelato even? Every flavor I’ve tried has been perfect: peanut butter, salted caramel, speculoos, hazelnut ripple, all SO good! The joint in question is Affogato, and it holds the key to my heart, and my second stomach.


No it’s not just me going by my lonesome every day despite what it may seem–this rendezvous was for Krista’s birthday! But the real show-stopper was the wee fashionista sitting just behind her.


Honestly amazing. I know, I know. Taking secret photos of small children is a no-no in today’s society. But can you honestly blame me when this wee one looks so freaking awesome?? I think I just found my style icon.

Thursday, 13th of March

Lots of plant slinging at work today! That’s due to us sorting out the remaining remnants of our big ol’ order from Holland. In the madness, I began to grit my teeth a bit. That’s due to some cross-culture contamination, at the hands of my new boss.

You ever had someone call you “honey”? Or “sweetie”? In the South, it happens. A lot of the time it’s harmless, coming from wee old ladies and whatnot. But then every once in a while a Southern Belle squares her shoulders, bares her teeth and starts, “Listen, honey–” and that’s when you know you’re about to get a verbal beat-down.

This can also occur when someone younger than you calls you honey. Or any man. The thing is… if you’re not 100 years old, don’t do it.

Guess who didn’t get that memo? My lady-boss. Oh, guys. It’s a travesty! Even worse: she’s not even Southern!! I swear I don’t know how to handle this. She mainly tosses it out when she’s issuing orders and, to be fair, stressed by keeping up with everyone. But still. Not 100 years old, folks.

Even worse… she called me honey pie.



Any suggestions on how to deal? I’m thinking about starting to call her honey or darlin’ back to her and see what she thinks. Or, maybe I’ll just keep my damned mouth shut and deal with it like the adult that somehow someone allowed me to be. (How about that?)

Friday, 14th of March

Day off for the week! So what was my M.O.? (Side note: I had to look up what M.O. means. It stands for modus operandi, which is Latin and refers to a pattern of procedure. The more you know!)

Anyway, my modus operandi involved buying heaps of junk at the shops of course!


Okay, okay. Some of it was for me, but at least half–the decidedly junky portion, like Jaffa Cakes and Jammie Dodgers–is going to be carefully packaged away for shipping off to the Big Apple. That’s where my SIL now resides with her hubbo. This same SIL was so terribly thoughtful that upon my own arrival into the UK I was greeted with a welcome basket full of Edinburghian delights. I reckon it’s the least Haitham and I can do to send her some of her favorite treats (and some proper tea) along her way!

The rest was for a curry dinner that I made. Yuummmm. What an exciting day off, eh folks?? I can hardly contain it.

Saturday, 15th of March

Work, work, work. But ya know what? When I get home and the sun is still shining at 6:30 PM, and onwards with some twilight peaking out at 8 PM now, and I see my happy tulips basking in the remnants of the evening light I’m absolutely stoked.


Take that, squirrels! Your shenanigans were noted last year, but you were no match for me this year!

Sunday, 16th of March

Well hey-ho, would ya look at that? It’s Easter! Work was actually less mental than I expected, considering! Mainly due tot the recent turn of the weather, resulting in Haitham’s premature packing away of the electric blanket, resulting in me freezing my ass off in the flat. (Boo!)

Still, the cold weather didn’t stop one of my lady-boss’s farmer friends from bringing in BABY SHEEPS.

I’m so disappointed though. I didn’t even have my proper camera on me for the occasion. I’d saddled up and brought one along the former Sunday where I mistakenly showed up for work, content in the knowledge that sheeps would be there. But not today. Nope. Had no idea.

Oh well, a cell phone photo will have to do! *weeps on the inside* Even more, that black sheep was so dark as to turn from something really adorable in real life, to an inky black puddle via the mechanisms of my phone. What can you do?


Happy easter, all! (certainly belated now, but better late than never!)


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