Monday, 17th of March

No photo today folks. But let me tell ya about something that’s blown my mind.

You remember the Chernobyl disaster of 1986?

Did you know that months later, a team of men called “liquidators” were commissioned to clear away radioactive material, and build a hasty containment building around the remains of Reactor 4 months after the meltdown… but that due to structural problems it was only meant to last 30 years or so? This structure was called different things, but eventually became known as the sarcophagus.

But did you know they’re building another? A fucking mind-blowing marvel of engineering, two massive arches built alongside the reactor, not only built separately of each other then connected, but placed on sliding feet in order to be positioned into precise place over the former sarcophagus upon completion.

It’s amazing. Haitham and I just watched a feature on it on the telly, and I honestly had never heard of it before. Talk about the impossible… it’s meant to last at least 100 years, but not only that, the inside of it has robotic cranes meant to dismantle and contain the radioactive remnants of the reactor.

Haitham exclaimed at one point while watching them set the cranes in place, “It’s impossible! I can’t even get my computer to work!”


It’s called the Chernobyl New Safe Confinement, and though already in place, is still projected for completion sometime late this year.

Tuesday, 18th of March

I’ve been laying out “things I’ve learned” in lieu of boring work photos. So here’s one for today.

Did you guys know that there is a relatively unheard celebration that takes place in Holland? It’s called the koeiendans.

Who knew? Even better, when I shared this phenomena with my Latvian gal, she said they experience the same thing there, except they couple it with water fights!

Amazing. Does this happen with the cows in Tennessee I wonder?

Wednesday, 19th of March

My Wednesdays of late have been lovely days, mainly because my old colleague and pal Krista also has the same day off! So what do two gals do?? Go rock climbing, have some tea & cake, and observe NATO warships!

As it happens our climbing gym of choice is down at the very bottom of a portion of Edinburgh that used to sit outside the city, but has now been engulfed, called Leith. Leith eventually hits the water along the Forth, so naturally it also has a dock! One of the most prominent features of said dock is the permanently station HMY (Her Majesty’s Yacht) Brittania! The #1 rated thing to do in Edinburgh according to Tripadvisor… go to Scotland, visit a….. boat?

(Spoiler alert: I’ve never been.)

But who cares about that when there’s actual battleships parked out front like this one!


That bad boy is the Norwegian, Nansen-class anti-submarine frigate Roald Amundsen, one of only five ships created, all of which have been named for Norwegian explorers.

Yeah, I googled it. It’s honestly cool as heck!

Thursday, 20th of March

It’s ranunculus time again! Oh man, I actually totally miss working at my former garden centre when I see these babies roll in. That’s because as growers, when I would go to collect shelves of them I would be greeted with the sight of whole greenhouses full of these stunning varieties in all shapes and colors.

Funnily enough, ranunculus is very solidly in the buttercup family. That is, the family of these.


Whereas our springtime favorites look like this.


Gotta love ’em while you can, cause their glory, as most flowers are, is brief!


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