Friday, 21st of March

Did y’all hear that Theresa May called a snap election for the U.K. in June?………. No? Oh, well. I’m honestly not surprised. I never heard a peep about UK governance in just about any form (that I took notice of anyway) until my move. Even despite having a rough grasp of how folks do things here, when H popped up on Tuesday with the news I didn’t have much to say back. Snap election? For who? Say what?

To start, Theresa May is the current Prime Minister. But she wasn’t elected by the people. When former P.M. David Cameron resigned following the shit-fest that was the Brexit decision, he left his party (the Conservatives, “Tories”) in the lurch. Thus the Tories cast about until they landed on Theresa May, who won the leadership bid amongst party members.

Surprisingly, ol’ May has done well enough thus far, not really ruffling too many feathers and also keeping on her toes with regards to Brexit dealings, which is a disastrous lot for any PM to inherit for sure. But her decision to call a snap election is rightly labeled a power grab by most. That’s because… god, this could go on and on… currently the Conservative party is in a pretty strong position, as the Labour Party (the “democrats” if you will) is in a bit of a shambles under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. So she’s trying to gain as many seats within her party as she can, so as to make delegation that much easier.

I was still confused about this whole ability to just call up an election out of thin air. Apparently there has been recent legislation passed by a Lib-Dem/Conservative coalition in 2011 to have fixed party terms, and as such the future election was due in 2020. Despite that, the issue can still be flexible, and if raised and passed by a majority of seats in the House of Commons, can still call forth elections before their allocated time.

Phew! How’s that for your lesson British politics for the day?

Here’s another for those curious. H sent me this one after work. Apparently I side something like 81% with the Liberal Democrats, who are like… the more hippie-liberal version of the Labour Party. Just after that is the Scottish National Party, THEN Labour and Green.

Where do y’all factor? Check here!

Saturday, 22nd of March

A jolly good day off with Haitham. 10 miles+ walking all about town, while Haitham carted his massive new lens that he bought “by accident” from Ebay. It’s a Sigma 50-500mm lense, and it’s rightly called the “Bigma” in photo-land. I’ll admit I can’t really take him seriously when I see him heft this bazooka of a camera up to get the perfect shot of a tiny bird, but honestly the photos speak for themselves! Each tiny feather detailed in absolute perfection, it’s truly remarkable.

Still hilarious though.

The Botanics may have been surprisingly chilly, but it was still a lovely wander (as always) full of blooming rhodies and a variety of delightful bird-friends. The robins were in cheeky good form, chaffinches abounded, a crow took many offerings of treats, but the real treat was this guy.

A bullfinch!!!!! Aka a peach with wings and a little hat.


Sunday, 23rd of March

The days are getting longer–which means when I get home from work around 6:30 PM, I go out and ogle my garden. Mainly because I finally have had some luck with tulips this year! Two varieties, both of whom’s names are already forgotten, the real show-stopper however being my red tulips. When the lighting is good I can’t help but take photos, because when the light hits them just right they practically glow!

Sometimes though Google Photos helpfully takes my terrible cell phone photos and helpfully slaps a filter on that bad boy. Like this one!


Monday, 24th of March

Oh my gosh, what is with Scottish weather lately?

It was snowing/sleeting at work today. Slewing? Sneeting.

Like this!

Which made me feel like this.

Tuesday, 25th of March

After work–another cold, miserly day–I shuttled straight into town to meet up with my boardie folks. Board games! What can I say? I totally dig them.

That is, I dig them when he’s not there.

Have you guys ever been so absurdly put off by someone that they could be doing anything and you could find fault with it?

At the time upon my first meeting with “Y,” we were explaining the ins and outs of a particular game, one that involves a bit of secret identities and can be a great laugh when the inevitable betrayals begin. As the rules were being explained, Y proceeded to talk his way through the entirety of them, interrupting constantly and not listening to a single word–irritatingly then asking about the rules moments after it had been explained. At one point he loudly (but unintentionally) gave his own character away and got himself killed right off the bat (a relief, until he literally couldn’t shut up afterwards about it). Not only that, but because he thought it was funny, he kept pointing out the girls to be “killed” in the game (mainly me!), to the point of major annoyance.

I could go on. But the worst part, the absolute worst, was how he drank my tea.

I know! I just heard you gasp from across the ocean. I know. But this was no Southern tea, which would have been one thing, albeit still bad. This was my pot of tea. In its pot, half already drank but the remnants not yet poured, while I still sat at the table. I had just mentioned that I was probably going to shoot off within a few minutes, but was still sitting chatting with my friend, still sitting right there, when Y grabbed my tea pot and literally chugged the remnants.

Right in front of me.

Now, folks. This is something even an old friend just would not do. For one, the tea didn’t even have milk in it. Two, did I mention I was right there??? 

Three: what the fuck???

Anyway it’s safe to say that I strongly dislike Y. Bless his absolutely oblivious cotton socks.

Needless to say when I saw he was attending boardies that night, I should have changed my plans. But I decided it would be okay, I would be shielded by my friends–however, one of them allowed him to take his place in a game we had just started.

He left me with Y. What the heck, y’all.

Oh well–still a fun night (once I made my escape from Y) regardless!


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