Monday, 8th of May

Back to the grindstone! I don’t think I took a single photo. Google photos did helpfully stitch together a panorama from the Lake District for me though: it’s not bad!

Post note: this is also Jessica’s birthday. Happy birthday gal–you may be reading this after the fact, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re the stinkin’ best and I’m so lucky to have you as a friend still after all these years!


Tuesday, 9th of May

One of the perks of living on this funny wee island is that thanks to our northern latitude, the hours of daylight lengthen significantly starting from after the winter equinox. Sure, that happens for most, and some even get some midnight sun. But having lived in Tennessee my whole life, and experiencing a summer sunset at around 7 PM very reliably my entire life, the lengthening of summer hours from January–7 hours of daylight, sunset at 4 PM–to mid-July with the sunset at 10 PM is pretty amazing still.

Is it a trade-off for our long, miserable, wet, windy winters? Not quite!

Anyway, as it’s May our sun is already setting well past 9 PM, which means time for shenanigans after work! Considering this was Haitham’s last day of hols for the time being, I shot him a message while at working with the enticing offer of venturing to Beecraigs Country Park after work.

Why do we love Beecraigs?

Because it’s full of COOS!!!! Although we went mainly as I’d heard there were baby cows somewhere on the property, we were nonetheless treated to a hairy spectacle when we arrived after my shift ended. Beecraigs is nicely sectioned off with different areas featuring animals such as highland cows, roe deer, belted galloway cows, and some kinda woolly sheep.

But really though. Cows.

It’s lucky for us that when we arrived another family with a supremely yippy dog came barging over to us like we were imposters on the whole of its land, because all the highland cows had been nestled snugly up for nap-time far away from the fence. Upon hearing a disturbance though, like the curious critters they are they all began to get up and put on their best bovine stare. The dog went on its way, but one coo decided to make his way over to scope us out–or so we thought. In actuality it rapidly became obvious that  had ambled over for the sharp nail sticking out of the fence and proceeded to go for a lengthy, and hilarious scratch.

Then he found a wad of orange coo hair, licked it off the nail, gummed  it, found it unpleasant, and attempted to spit it out unsuccessfully for about a minute. All the while Haitham and I shouted, “Nooooooooo!” while laughing hysterically, unable to believe what we were witnessing… a cow trying to eat a furball, probably of his own design.

Magnificent beasts, highland cows.


Wednesday, 10th of May

Trump fires Comey. Like… what the hell, man.

No photos today. Too busy being barraged with political podcasts to think about the reality around me. I mean, just what the heck is going on in the White House anyway?

Thursday, 11th of May

Haitham and I have been leaving a saucer with water out for our birdy friends. Oftentimes I come to the window and peer out, I see the remnants of splash time fun, but no feathered friends.

Until this morning.

Look at this cheeky guy. He was really going for it, a tiny torpedo of wings and water! I do like this shot though, with the water drops on his little tail.


Truly, the most exciting thing that happened to me today! Could be worse, eh??






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