Saturday, 20th of May

Ugh, what a mingin’ day. It was raining and cold for the entirety of the day. Haitham and I spent it cooped up inside trying to play catch-up with this and that, but around 4 or 5 PM I’d had enough. Feeling positively stir-crazy, I decided that rain or no, I was going for a freakin’ walk.

And so I did. And just like that–the rain stopped, and the sun peered through! How lucky is that?! Considering my good luck, I decided to meander along the Union Canal. And… doubly lucky… spotted loads of birdy babies! First up, some ADORABLY fuzzy cygnets. I wasn’t the only one who stopped to gawk at the absurd amounts of cuteness. All the dog-walkers and families pushing prams also paused to enjoy the show.

Managed to snap this shot of a wee guy stretching his little nubs!


Mom and Dad hovered very regally nearby. What a striking difference when Dad decided to stretch as well! One day, little baby, one day!


Sunday, 21st of May

Much like the day prior, it was pretty rainy off and on all day at work. To be fair, I really enjoy the rainy days–it being the peak of Scottish springtime, customers are rampant in garden centres. Rainy days mean limited numbers and quiet days where you can actually catch up a wee bit, so that’s always a welcome change! Strange really that we’ve had so few rainy days as of late, because, ya know. Scotland.

After work I met with two of my pals for bubble tea. Yep. Mentioned that one earlier didn’t I? I nabbed a papaya juice bubble tea, my friends got theirs, and we decided that because there was approximately one sunbeam making an appearance outside to go sit outside.

Nah. That sun disappeared pretty much instantly, so we ended up wandering the entire length of the Meadows and into neighbor Bruntsfield Links (both spacious parks within Edi) while chatting and enjoying our chilly bubble teas. Ah, well–can’t really complain so long as bubble tea is involved!

Look at these two handsome chappies. Notice the puffy jackets. Ah well–they both smiled as soon as I pointed my gigantic lens at them, which is a welcome change from Haitham’s never-ending photo-grimace!!


Monday, 22nd of May

Having neglected to take a photo again today, I’ll simply post another quick snap from the prior day and our bubble tea wander through the Meadows. I think I’ve mentioned before that Google photos sometimes helpfully will slap a little editing on photos based on some quirky algorithm known only to Google brain-lords. This photo is one of those, where they basically slapped a B&W filter on it. But bam! Instant dramatic Edinburgh castle scene!


The real excitement of the day was Haitham and I finalizing some plans for a cheeky trip to Yorkshire at the end of June. Despite my being U.K.-bound while my passport is away, nothing’s stopping us from exploring more bits of England while Haitham uses up the remainder of last year’s holidays before they expire!

The best bit: I convinced him to let us stay at this farm just outside of Scarborough for a couple of nights. A FARM, Y’ALL!!! They’ve got highland cows and goats and and dogs and free breakfast and… and… what more does a girl honestly need?

It’s safe to say that I am positively stoked about this trip.

Tuesday, 23rd of May

Did I mention how late the sun sets in Scotland during the summer?

Snapped this one out the window at 9:17 PM. How I love it–at least until it’s still light out at 10 PM and you feel absolutely addled climbing into bed with the sun peeping through the curtains still!


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