Saturday, 3rd of June

What happens when three Tennessee gals inhabit one Scottish city? Cataclysmic events? The ripping of the space-time continuum??

Answer: nothing much really. But they do cross paths!

I’d been informed a few months earlier that the very first person I ever spoke to in university who would later have the misfortune of being my dorm suite mate, a gal named Chelsea, had booked some time off and was headin’ across the pond to Edinburgh. I put it in my calendar, but she was staying with another girl from Tennessee who not only also was in Edinburgh, but also studied at my university and was in the marching band with both of us, but whom I had never met.

Strange, eh? Who knew?

After H and I running some errands in town (I finally have my own phone back!!!) Chelsea and I reunited once more outside of the flat she was staying in. After hugs and chat, we hit the streets of Edinburgh. We had a quick wander first down to Parliament, then popped into a very charming cafe called the Fig Tree for lunch, then headed towards the Meadows where we would be meeting the Other Tennessean at festival happening there. Along the way we encountered a bunch of Oompa Loompas (who Chelsea bravely got a photo with), as well as some street vendors selling things (I got a two shillings piece which I promptly lost probably within the next 30 minutes).

Once we made it to the Meadows, we treated ourselves to a torch-perfected marshmallow kebab from the Marshmallow Lady. Although I’ve bought myself some of her wares before, I had my doubts about a marshmallow kebab–that is, until I sank my teeth into the perfectly toasted wonder. It was amazing.


Upon meeting with Erinn (the Other T) we had a wander through the area, taking in all the vendors and listening to the not-entirely-horrible band playing on the stage nearby.

That’s when I saw him.


That’s right. This feller’s name is Zeb and he claims he was there for work, but in actuality I think he was probably just there to show off his kitten, who had been formerly called Sparklebottom or something like that. The tiny wee critter was just hanging out, having an almost-snooze from her perch.

I mean. Of course I had to get a photo. It was the only thing stopping me from snatching that wee kitten off his shoulder for myself.

Afterwards I headed home, leaving Chelsea in the Other T’s trusty care, full of marshmallows and yummy lunch but certainly lighter of wallet!

Sunday, 4th of June

Krista’s leaving do. Good times at the wee Swedish bar nearby!


Monday, 5th of June

Look what I made… and then laughed out loud to see the results of just now!

It’s absurd how delighted I was when I was this wee guy doing laps round a poppy blossom. What can I say? I’m not ashamed.

Tuesday, 6th of June

DANG was it ever raining today. I read a headline that said we basically got the same amount of rain, today, that we did in the whole of June last year.


Despite the torrential downpour, or perhaps because of it, work was a pleasantly quiet affair. It keeps the worst of the customers away, and allows you time to get caught up on the day-to-day. Plus, isn’t the rain falling around you, but not on you, just such a soothing experience?

After work I grabbed my brolly and hit the streets. That was to meet my friends at the nearby Cameo cinema, a very vintage, artsy-fartsy sort of place–my first time inside, surprisingly. We saw a film from Studio Ghibli called The Red Turtle. It was supposed to be amazing, so I had high hopes.


However, at the end, my friends and I continued sitting and that’s when the questions began. And there were a few. It was a nice movie, if a little odd. But I guess any film by Studio Ghibli tends to be that. I mean, let’s be honest. If you came up with an idea for a movie while tripping balls on acid, I still think Princess Mononoke would be weirder (and yet it’s so damned good!). Just try and explain the picture below, for example.


Anyway. The real exciting bit was that my pal Jacky was back from visiting Hong Kong. And he came bearing gifts!!! THE MOST ADORABLE GIFTS.


Wednesday, 7th of June

My oh my what a day. Did I mention that my American pal was visiting? Well, I treated her as I normally do my visiting friends and family by dragging her all over town! That’s the way I like to do visits: if you’re not absolutely shattered by the end of the day, you’re doing it wrong!

First up: breakfast at the Edinburgh Larder (yum). Next, rendezvous at the Edinburgh College of Art to see my pal Melanie’s exhibit. She gives us, and snow princess Krista who joined us, a delightful tour! We see costume design, paintings, interactive exhibits, and then some. I even lost some hair to the wheels of a tiny wheeled seat while going through a tunnel on my back(?!). Good times are had by all!!

Afterwards, we wander down to the Meadows where we find old colleague Andrew stationed at his new coffee bus! He treats us some mighty fine coffees and cheese straws (yum), and we head for the ominously looming Arthur’s Seat, for the windiest, windiest walk up the old volcano there could be. (At least you could see from the top though… unfortunately, you could also see the keyboardist who was stationed on top attemtping to busk, wtf, okay fine he did march up with a keyboard, I guess I can admire that effort at least).

Next stop, marching back up the Royal Mile to make my third venture into the Scotch Whisky Experience! Even better, when we arrived my friend who works there pulled some strings and managed to be the guide who walked us through our tasting and experience. And he nailed it! Bravo, sir!

And what better way to sop up loads of whisky after a day spent tromping up and down Edinburgh? Well, some pub grub at the Tron, of course.

Needless to say I took a lot of photos during the day. But my all-time favorite moment of the day happened at the end as we made our way from the Experience. As it happens, a guy had set up a sudsy kiddie pool from which he was making thousands of bubbles–there were kids running about like little furious tornadoes, and the bubbles filled the Royal Mile. It was so stinkin’ pretty!

And I caught a photo of the most adorable wee tator tot ever.


What a fine day.


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