Thursday, 8th of June

When my boss heard I had a friend visiting from across the pond, she was astonished I hadn’t ask for any time off and insisted I take an extra day off. So, lo and behold, on Thursday when normally I would have been working, instead I was saddling up the ol’ Panda and heading into town to whisk Chelsea away to Pitlochry. She’d been inspired by seeing the gorgeous footage of all the whisky regions in the day prior’s Experience, and so I thought Pitlochry would be a good baby introduction to the Highlands.

And so, fueled by adventure, I hit the road…

….and promptly clipped my wing mirror on a bin and knocked the thing right off.

Not to be outdone, after a failed attempt at fixing the thing at the nearby Fiat dealership, we purchased some duct tape and hit the road, take two.

First up was obviously some food at the Railbridge Bistro in South Queensferry. Because ya know, ya gotta take in the majesty of the Forth Rail Bridge. Even if it’s chucking it down outside!

Eventually we made it to Pitlochry, where it was still, unsurprisingly, raining. We visited Edradour Distillery where Chels chucked most of her drams away as they were “too strong”–(shock, horror from your trusty narrator). No matter though, we had a good ol’ time touring the grounds of my favorite distillery. It’s seriously adorable. And I do love their big red door where they age their wares:


After that, we drove up to a spot I had only seen below from a kayak tour with the ol’ boy during our birthday visit the prior year: Queen’s View! This also happened to be where Chels got to experience the true glory of Scotland… midgies!!!

But luckily I still managed to get a nice shot of her, despite the ever-present dreich.


Afterwards, delicious Indian food was had. We topped that off as vacationers (or just girls who love sweeties) do with some ice cream from a shop that was magically still open at around 8 PM. Then it was back home after a long, eventful day.

Friday, 9th of June

I only snapped one photo during my workday, and it was of a lovely flowering plant called the snapdragon. I’ve never actually grown snapdragons myself, but I do admire their blossoms when they’re in the thick of it. Not only that, but bees stinkin’ love ’em. And why not? Each blossom is a perfect little bee tube!


Saturday, 10th of June

At the end of our whisky experience from a few nights prior, Ben had extended an invitation to join him and his partner, Mel, to join us at an event in nearby Perth. The event’s name? Potfest!!!

That’s the Perth Pottery Festival at Scone Palace for y’all. Jeez. What did you think I meant?

It was our first time at the Scone (pronounced Skune??) Palace, and it was amazing. Not only were there loads of super nice potter-ists, potterers? hanging about showing off their wares, the grounds was lovely and full of blooming flowers and spooky old cemeteries. And there were PEACOCKS! Even an albino one who somehow made it up into the boughs of a very tall tree nearby (come on, male peacocks can’t really fly let’s be honest).

And of course, I did eat a scone in Scone Palace. What kind of person would I be if I hadn’t for cripes’ sake?

I did take a few too many photos of the shiny peacock plumage though. Male peacocks are like drag queens: so fab-u-lous!


I even, almost, sort of, got a photo of Haitham and me–together–where he’s smiling. It may or may not have been due to me aggressively tickle-forcing the issue though. Check out that gigantic rhododendron though–talk about stunning!


Sunday, 11th of June

Back to the reality of work once more. Afterwards however I’d been invited out to my friend Anna’s birthday alcoholic ice cream treats at a new-ish joint in town called Hoot the Redeemer, which features, obviously, quite a lot of owls.

After some wacky cocktails, chat, and even playing some of my favorite board game Scrawl, which birthday girl is stinkin’ good at being a professional artist (self-professed fan-girl here)–I headed back home hopeful that I wouldn’t be caught out in the rain on my bike. I stopped to take a photo of some tourists along Princes Street, then stopped to take a photo myself from along a bridge that happens to look back upon the Castle.

I honestly love living in Edinburgh. Even on rainy days.


Monday, 12th of June


After lots of planning, double-checking dates, making spreadsheets with price/date comparisons, and just generally dreaming of all the fun we can get into when we’re back in the States, we finally did it. And boy, am I excited!!! It’s a bit of an undertaking. We’ll start by landing in Nashville, seeing some university friends and tromping about and hopefully eating shitty Mexican food because honestly they don’t even have queso here in Edinburgh; spend a few days back home in Selmer to see the parentals; drive from Selmer (passing through Memphis so H can cross that one off his list rather unwillingly) to Arkansas to see Jessica for a few days; fly from Little Rock to Colorado to spend a brief day and a half (on my birthday!); drive out from Colorado to Moab, Utah to see the Arches National Park; drive from Moab up to Salt Lake City to sniff out some Mormons (idk, Haitham seems to want to go); then down to Zion National Park to hike the Narrows (zomg); then down and out, passing by the Grand Canyon, and ending in Las Vegas where we will fly back home.


Tuesday, 13th of June

Thought it was Monday literally all day. The upside? My day off was that much closer! The downside? I had to mentally suffer through two Mondays!!

And my photo: a bee. on a flower. Original, right? But come on! He was really going for it–I very nearly caught him totally submerged, all except his little fuzzy butt sticking up into the air. He’s infiltrating a dianthus blossom, which happen to smell amazing.


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