Wednesday, 14th of June

Went into the day thinking, “I’ll be productive. I need to do some cleaning and get some things accomplished around the flat.”

And then my Wednesday adventure pal Krista shot me a message. She’s just back from Denmark, and inquired if I wanted to get coffee. Well of course I did, after all how else was I meant to hear about her trip?? And what better way to do that than over delicious vegetarian fares at the adorable cafe in Bruntsfield, Moon & Hare!

Then right after I joined up with still more girls to watch the most pro-feminist-badassery movie around right now, Wonder Woman. Even better, we watched it in the Dominion, which just happens to be the only cinema in town featuring big ol’ comfortable couches to sit on, all including their own footstools to prop your feets upon during! This was only my second time in life to watch a film in such a luxurious cinema–the first one, I think, was with Jessica and Glenn ages ago.


After the action-packed and surprisingly delightful Wonder Woman, fueled with adrenaline (and the desire to sucker punch bad guys) I zoomed back home (on my not-quite-invisible-cycle) only to be brought back to reality with chores.

Ah well! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Thursday, 15th of June


Good, me neither. These here bees are hanging out on an echinacea flower, which happens to be one of my favorite perennials. Mainly because of Echinacea tennesseensis, a lovely wee native flower that used to be endangered but is now making a comeback! What a great plant. (And it’s a component in my cure-all herbal tea remedy that mah homie Krista snagged me ages ago. Yum!)


Friday, 16th of June

Guess who’s got a new friend in the garden?

It’s ME.

Notice how I didn’t say “us”? That’s because Haitham doesn’t like our new friend. And neither does our totally paranoid neighbor who gave me the bird table in the first place because he had caught glimpse of this particular kind of friend beneath his shed ages ago.

But I doooooooo!!! Just lookit his wittle face and his little feetsies!


Saturday, 17th of June



Would ya look at that? That’s the results of a lovely morning spent picking cartons of massive raspberries, strawberries, and… gooseberries?? I’m still not entirely sure what to think of gooseberries. But Haitham was insistent that we go pluck some, and was a little bit crestfallen when they weren’t quite as ripe as he would’ve liked. No matter though! We chucked this mixture all together in a big simmering pot and made jam!

We also fed some goats at the farm strawberries. If that isn’t a recipe for a good day, I don’t really know what is.

Sunday, 18th of June

I felt like a big ol’ grumbly bean today. However, when I came home (more or less having overcome my grumbles) I was delighted to notice my sweet peas reaching for the sky through the wrought iron fencing. Our flat sits above the street, so people passing by will soon be able to see some smelly flowers as they stroll by. Can’t wait!


Monday, 19th of June

The clouds were incredible this morning.


Tuesday, 20th of June

After work, I met up with my gal-pal Krista for our weekly ice cream rendezvous. Our normal favorite, Affogato, was closed (devastation!) but as the sun was shining, we decided to mosey down to Princes Street Gardens instead. There we chatted, and Krista presented me with some gifts: homemade strawberry jam (be still my heart), a wee adorable soap lamb, and a new pouch that I have since adopted for my “treat” bag. Not my treats mind you–cat treats, and bird treats. What can I say? A girl’s gotta have priorities.

Then we went to admire the nearly completed 2017 floral clock. Upon realizing it was only 10 minutes to the hour, we decided to hang around to see the cuckoo chime. So we waited.

And waited.

And waited some more. By 10 after, we officially gave up. Now I have a 4 minute video of literally nothing except Krista and I wondering, then loudly complaining (and speaking to some curious bystanders who happened to come along and wondered what two strange girls were up to). Good times!



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