Monday, 26th of June

It’s back to work after the cow-filled vacation extravaganza!

However, sometimes too much of something (like having fun) can be a bad thing. In my case, my throat began hurtin’ something fierce during the workday. That’s an immediate uh-oh in my book. Usually a dire warning of many boogery days to come. I took some paracetamol and prayed that the bug would be obliterated by my trusty immune system. (Spoiler alert: immune system failed me. What a jerk.)

But check out what I got when I came home from work: wahoo!


Sorry for the horrible overuse of vignetting. It was the quickest and dirtiest way to snub out any unnecessary details. 😉 What this means is, I am halfway through the process of qualifying for settlement in the UK! And what that means is… after five years of living here, The Man can’t kick me out again! (And I no longer have to keep paying these huge fees and jumping through paperwork hoops to fill out applications anymore!!!)

That is, unless I want to apply for life in the UK test as a part of the citizenship challenges. Jesus Christ. Have y’all ever had a look at that thing?

Try it if you dare. (Hint: I don’t think I’ve ever passed one.)

Tuesday, 27th of June

Remember my ominous sore throat? Welp, I realized on this day that I was indeed sick, even though I had really been hoping it was just a 24-hour-bug. Darnit. Regardless I moped around work, snorting and snuffling and generally making a big nuisance of myself, but did manage to leave a few hours early. Then it was home and to bed!

Naturally I didn’t take any photos. BUT: here’s another delightful Google photos stitching job taken on the last day of our hols while we were saying goodbye to the animals.

here’s a wee piggy animation stitched together by GP (that’s Google Photos for y’all), taken on Sunday before we left our B&B. Look at this cheeky little guy.

Wednesday, 28th of June

I’m siiiiiick. Boo hoo, boo hoo hoo. Thank goodness it was my day off. Guess what I did? Slept like the little bitch that I am (it was just a cold, y’all).

Thursday, 29th of June

To work or not to work… that is the question.

And my answer: hell naw. Blugh.

At some point during the day I did eventually manage to extricate my carcass from the bed and make my way to the living room. There I peered into the depths of my computer and found something amazing: a website dedicated to all the roadside attractions in America.

Who knew there was a 30-foot Sasquatch made of scrap metal in Utah? And the world’s largest roadside watermelon slice, for that matter.

Man I love this website.

Friday, 30th of June

Back to work, which actually wasn’t so bad.

Did I take a photo though?  Naw.

So here’s Haitham breaking up a fight between a goat and some donkeys our last day in Yorkshire. He’s the reason they were fighting anyway, as he was bending the branches for wee nanny to munch on (and the donkeys wanted in on that yo).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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