Saturday, 1st of July

After several days in a bedridden state due to my pneumonia (aka a small cold, no honestly, it was probably at least bronchitis [she tells herself adamantly because she googled it and as we all know google knows everything]), it was time to get back into the swing of things. That’s right folks: it’s chores time.

Haitham cleaned out the car whilst I cleaned the house.

After all our hard work, I did manage to convince him to step out with me for a cheeky coffee and wander to nearby cafe Tea and Sympathy, where we had a wee snack and a very lovely coffee (complete with a sliver of tablet on the side).


Sunday, 2nd of July

I’m now desperately behind and trying to catch up. Luckily for me I jot down notes as the days go by.

Today’s notes: “Clarissa is given a snail; and rescues a bee.”

I’m just gonna leave it at that. I do like the fact that someone at work (Ben) decided that upon finding a snail, I should be called over to receive said snail–I also




Anyway here’s a photo I took of a pretty stinkin’ lovely dahlia.


Monday, 3rd of July

No clue what happened on this day. Searched mine and Haitham’s message log for clues. Find only this.

Damn I love that man. Anybody who can not only set foot onto the moon, but then punch a moon landing denier in the face … well, come on. What’s not to love?

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