Tuesday, 4th of July

Happy fourth y’all! (Yeah it’s belated but so what??)

While I may have had my fair share of excellent Independence Day celebrations, somehow living in the UK has not particularly contributed to them. (Except two years ago–that one that lead to my tossing cookies in a bin/losing my equally inebriated friend who decided to get off our shared bus home only to get lost for hours until her rescue–good times!)

However, at the end of my shift at work I did my patriotic duty and donned my American flag tank top (it was really the least I could do). I then met up with my partner in crime Krista for some chat ‘n chew at a cafe we’ve been to before, which, as it happens, was French. I ordered some food, which included fries… should I… call them freedom fries, or…? Okay, maybe not.

It was pretty grim and windy on the way out after our gab fest, but I did manage to snap a photo or two on my winding wander back to my car in the drizzle. (Notice the saddening lack of fireworks and drunken revelry. Ah well–we’ll make up for it November 5th!)


Wednesday, 5th of July

And so day two of spending all my money rolls around! This time, it was my American gal Mel’s graduation celebration. Krista and I joined her for some cheeky cocktails followed by astounding pizza at Nova Pizza Kitchen, which happens to be all veggie (yussssss!). We also met her sister who was visiting for the occasion. Good times! (and damn was that cocktail amazing!)


Thursday, 6th of July

Shoo wee! Three nights in a row of being social?? My hermit side shudders and longs to be at home reading a book. Nah, I’m not gonna lie, I absolutely adore having things to do with friends in and around Edinburgh–I feel continuously lucky to have met such nice people, and even more than that, it makes Edi feel that much more like home, and that’s something I don’t think I’ll ever take for granted.

Tonight’s celebration was in honour of Natalie, the wee gal with the mysterious blue bubble tea. She just graduated, so we dined on Malaysian fair and followed that up with massive portions of ice cream. Hells yeah!


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