Friday, 7th of July

My girlfriend just got a wee kitten!!! (Okay, I think she’s 6 months old, close enough!) When I was invited over for some chat+cat time, of course I jumped at the chance. Over dinner and wine we had a much overdue gab fest which was frequently interrupted by my exclaiming, “Oh gosh you’re cute!” Seriously. But just have a look at the wee derpy charmer:


She’s sweet as pie too, even though she’s got a bit of a KISS look to her! I think she goes by several names, but the most broadly used one is “Gatiña” which translates in Spanish to, appropriately, “Little Cat.”

Saturday, 8th of July

It’s my day off! And, even better, it’s sunny. I had decided to chance it and boldly click “ATTENDING” a few days back to a bike ride with my Belles group, despite my still-stubbornly-lingering-on cold. I steeled myself and shot off to the opposite side of town, a mostly downhill, quite short, and normally enjoyable ride.

And yet, folks, I have brought shame to bicyclists everywhere: I arrived fifteen minutes late, drowning in mucous and coughing my damn fool lungs right up. My Belles were nowhere in sight. I’m not gonna lie, I dragged my feet the last ten mins of the ride or so, praying they would go without me. If not, I would have to face them while choking to death on boogers, blowing my horrible nose-trumpet and explaining lamely, sorry, I know I just made it, but actually I’m going home because I’m dying!

When I did finally manage to get my poor lungs under control and had a glance around at the sunny splendor of Portobello Beach, I decided I couldn’t just pack it in. After all, sunny days in Scotland are rare.

Lo and behold, my trusty partner in crime Krista and her visiting niece were game for a jaunty beach wander. With ice creams and pastries purchased, we wandered, dipped our toes in the water, and people-watched. Sunny days mean dogs and babies at the beach! Sometimes in combination, which is the best thing. I watched a small child attempt repeatedly to hurl the ball of a stranger’s dog, instead chucking it straight down at the ground in front of her feet. Poor wee dog was about to have a heart attack, trying to work out her tiny toddler aim.

Here’s a particular bit I enjoy on the beach. This totally random octopus clinging to a… what is that thing, even? A tide marker?


Ho ho! Thanks, internet: a quick google search has provided answers.

Sunday, 9th of July


I’m chuffed to bits.

Monday, 10th of July

I’m finally getting time after work to sort out the backlog of photos I’ve been hoarding from our wanders (mainly hundreds of photos of highland cows). Also, I didn’t take a photo today! How about more photos from York instead?? Okay then!

Here’s two from our last morning there. While making our goodbye-sweet-animals round before checkout, I stopped to admire the lovely backdrop of the rolling hills while a heery coo hung out in the foreground. I waited eagerly to see if he would turn and look our way, creating a cracking photo.


Sure enough:


Jesus Christ.


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