Tuesday, 11th of July

Welp. It’s a snail.


Welp, that’s all for today folks!!!

Wednesday, 12th of July

It was, for once, a totally gorgeous day on my day off. Although I did spend a pretty solid portion of it basking in the rarely seen warmth and sunshine, I also managed to get some errands run: baby shopping for H’s mates’ new wee one! We found a very cute shop in town that had some excellent dinosaur-themed pickings, and tiny baby raincoats. Just what every Scottish baby needs.

Just outside the shop there’s some major carnage taking place. Specifically, the destruction of the old St James Centre, a building long hailed as being the ugliest damn building in the lovely Edinburgh cityscape.

You can see what they’re working with in this Google Earth photo from 2012: yuck.

The neat and surprising thing about our baby-shopping today was that it featured a fantastic view of the demolition in progress. I wasn’t the only one who stopped and had a long gawk; there’s something terribly mesmerizing about watching things being ripped to shreds. Especially when it involves heavy machinery!


Thursday, 13th of July

I think I’ve mentioned before that I can normally tell what I’ve done on a day either by Google photos helpfully showing me what photos I’ve taken on a particular date, or, if that fails and I took no photos, I can usually rely on my chat with H during the day to fill in the gaps.

Sometimes that fails, too. Literally the only thing I sent to H today was this.

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