Friday, 14th of July

Haitham left me all by my lonesome this night, abandoning me for a testosterone-filled night of poker with his mates. Like the dutiful housewife I am, I sat at home, steadfastly gazing out the window awaiting his return, a tear of solitude trickling down my cheek.

As if!!!

How I love a quiet night in left to my own devices. I finished my book (A Face Like Glass); had Thai food delivered; cranked up some tunes and had a dance party in the living room. That sorted, I settled down to go through my repertoire of Films H Would Kick Up a Stink if Forced to Watch (a sizable list to be sure). When I spotted that Netflix had Marvel’s Ant-Man available, I queued it right up. (H has sworn off/missed pretty much the entirety of the Marvel comic book madness, which is a shame because they’re actually quite good.) Anyway–not a bad night by any regards!


Saturday, 15th of July

I’ll start off with a joke posted by the mum of one of H’s mates. I personally love this woman: mainly because she posts several jokes a day on the book of Faces. Some of them I have to ask H to translate, but this one tickled my fancy right enough. It’s about Glasgow, Edinburgh’s more rough and ready big-city rival.

A man buys a budgie. It keeps repeating, “Am a Glesga budgie an am as hard as nails.”

After a week the man gets so fed up he buys a kestrel. He puts it in the cage beside budgie and says “Let’s see how hard you are now.” Next morning the kestrel is dead, budgie says “Am a Glesga budgie an am as hard as nails.”

So the man buys a buzzard puts it in the cage. Next morning the buzzard is dead and the budgie says, “Am a Glesga budgie an am as hard as nails.”

“Right, then” says the man, goes and buys a golden eagle and puts it in the cage.

Next morning the eagle’s dead and the budgie has no feathers left…. Budgie says, “Hud tae tak ma jaikit aff fur that yin!”

There’s a lot of good jokes to be had about the lovely folk of Glasgow. Whether it be their amazing accent, their penchant for drunken revelry, or their firm resistance to anyone removing this addition to a famous Glasgow icon for many years now… yeah, they’re solid folk (who you probably shouldn’t pick fights with).

Enough about that though! As it happens today we traveled to Glasgow to visit with H’s mate’s new baby, a wee girl named Sophia, who is around 2 months old now and a total darling who didn’t cry even once while we were there (she is very wriggly, though). I don’t think I took any photos of her, but I did take a photo of a very vibrant church door just around the corner from their flat.


Sunday, 16th of July

Nice, peaceful day. Sometimes work is pretty enjoyable. I really felt in my element the last few hours of work. I tutted around the place discussing trees and hedging with three sets of people–the last being a young man, his wife, and their tee-iny baby who was only 5 weeks old. Discussing trees felt like a blast from the past. It’s all I did back at Southbranch, considering Tennesseean’s penchant for fast+shady! However here it’s totally different, and considering most people’s itty bitty gardens, they normally request the smallest plants possible.

Anyway, I didn’t take any photos. I think what I’ll do on these days henceforth is include a photo that H took of me from some of the random occasions we’ve experienced together in our 5 years of knowing each other. After all, he does take far too many photos of my ridiculous face. So I have a lot to choose from (unfortunately).

How about this one to start: appreciating some flowers in York as you do.


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