Monday, 17th of July

“Water, water everywhere, and it’s all going on these mufukkin’ plants!” I think that’s how the old saying goes.

It was a warm day today. Not only that, but it was boss-lady’s day off so it was a peaceful day spent gettin’ on with the watering. Sun’s out, hose wands out. Yep, that one will catch on soon I’ll bet (at least upon the horti geeks).

Nice, peaceful day at work was followed up by a nice, peaceful bike ride (okay, maybe I was booking it to be on time) into town to meet up with gal-pal extraordinaire Emma! Our reunion after some weeks of not seeing each other, naturally, took place at Tempo Tea Bar.

Where they just so happened to be serving these bad boys.


RAINBOW BUBBLE TEA. Can you honestly blame us? Is this the perfect drink for a rare sunny day in Scotland? I think so!

Bubble teas in hand, we decided a stroll up nearby Calton Hill was in order. It’s one of my favorite views in Edinburgh besides the obvious Arthur’s Seat. Surprisingly Emma had never been up even though she’s been a resident of Edi for just about as long as I have if not longer, so we can tick that one of for her now! Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) Calton Hill is also a den for tourists, and rightly so. This sunny day was no different–however, the theme seemed to be Italian. There was a hoarde of youngsters all cavorting and shouting and making a big scene monkeying around on the National Monument of Scotland, more commonly known as “Edinburgh’s Disgrace” as it was never finished blah blah.

We ended up sitting on a nearby rock watching them in amused entertainment for quite a while actually. Eventually they all gathered up for some photos, doing some normal poses.

But then this happened.


Have y’all heard of dabbing? I’ll admit that my 29-year-old self noticed the trend, but never exactly picked up on where it came from and why exactly it’s a thing. Apparently it’s a song’s dance move. Don’t ask me the song or why people do it outside of actual dancing. Or why a photo is a perfect place to… dab. (I do know my friend’s father inquired about dabbing recently, and was seen googling “Songs to Dab To” after. Adorable.)

I guess we can just chalk this one up to old age, folks.


Tuesday, 18th of July


I wouldn’t believe you if I hadn’t been there myself. Tonight’s sunset shenanigans brought to you by my partner-in-crime, Krista. We had a meander through Holyrood Park, which considering Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags being smack dab in the middle of it, does manage to offer some absolute cracker of views. We weren’t the only ones to partake in the scenery: nearby cars were pulling off alongside the winding road that circles around the park, and a wedding photoshoot was happening right in front of us.


Sometimes living in Edinburgh is just like living in any other city. Then other times it’s like a punch in the face of fairy-tail prettiness. It’s those times I can only shake my head and wonder just how it is I managed to end up here at all.

Wednesday, 19th of July

No work–admittedly I did fairly little during the day. Some days you do the chores; other days you take a whole lotta naps and do pretty much nothing.


Just to end my three-day social streak on a high note, this evening was spent with our good mates Dave & Amy. This is now officially the start of a tradition for our little gang, being as this is the second year running seeing the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys at the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival! Technically it’s mine and H’s third year, having stumbled upon them by the sheer power of their fantastic name, and won over completely by just how darn good they are.

And boy, was it a fun night. This one was a sort of big mashup featuring various jazz performers in their own groups and also all together in a big magical set. My favorite parts where when they marched right off the stage, wandering through the audience while blasting Nawlins-style jazz. It was a fantastically good time.


For those wanting a wee taste of the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys, and a dash of pop culture relevance, here’s them performing the theme song to Game of Thrones.


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