Thursday, 20th of July

Both my bosses were away today, leaving me and M to shamelessly bully all the young lads we work with. And bully them we did–we weren’t happy till every last one of them was reduced to tears during the course of the day!!

In actuality, we had a lovely day just getting on with business.


I got to make some purdy planted containers! I actually stepped back and admired it for a moment–solid choice of plants on the nice ladies’ part. I do really enjoy being asked to make planted containers–it’s far more play than work for me!

Friday, 21st of July

Not a bad day. However I took no photos, so instead I will share a delight I came home to from the following day… a parcel! Even better, and international parcel. What-ho! The plot doth thicken!!!

Turns out it was a real treasure trove of delights from one of my most favorite people back home, Andrea. We have: a fantastically chinsy Nashville collector’s tea spoon (which is too small to even properly stir a cup of tea, no matter, it shall be used); the first and only framed picture we have in our flat now (which now has a spot of honour on the mantel); some cards; a passport from Hell (appropriate); and a funny book on Mindfulness, which is something that Andrea and I share a passing interest in.


Saturday, 22nd of July

A slight write-off, but not a terrible day! H & I had some errands to run, and despite the ominously gray sky outside we decided it was time to do a thing. After rummaging around, we relocated some old coupons to an organic food store/cafe in town H had gotten ages ago. With them in tow we headed out and stumbled inside, at which point I remarked: “Oh, it looks nice in here!”

Turns out they were about to host a wedding reception and we’d just blazed past the sign on the door. Not only that, but upon inspection later it turned out the coupons expired within two months of their purchase–that being in 2015. Yeah.

We then decided to try and get some lunch at a vegetarian Indian buffet, but they were just about to finish up the lunch hour and gave us a not-quite-yes-and-not-quite-no answer as to whether we could actually come in. So we left, again.

Finally, we trekked to one of our favorite local haunts. It’s a Greek joint called Richmond Cafe, and it’s honestly the bees’ knees. Although it is just a weensy bit pricey for cafe grub, it makes up for it by A) being absolutely delicious B)  literally always being full of laughing and very friendly Greeks and C) the staff are always delightful.

Before we finished our day, we had one more stop at a jewelry store that I’d lusted for a piece from since landing. They were a cash-only store, one which frequently had a border collie hanging out in the window. Hence not only why I’d gone in before, but never bought anything considering I never carry cash around with me.

Lo and behold… Moss Green’s of Edi is now closed. BOOOOOOOOOO! This is why if you want something for long enough (especially if it is a cheap-ish bauble) you may as well just get the dern thing.

And by then, yeah, it was pishing down.


Great photo, I know. The edge of a bus behind the shrubs; the tidal pool of water; the compost bin. A real masterpiece. Ah well–c’est la vie, Edinburgh life!



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