Sunday, 23rd of July

My coworker M and I sometimes lament the lack of time we get to work together during our shifts, oftentimes at opposite ends of the garden centre or with alternating tea/lunch breaks/what have you. When I said, “We should have a cup of tea together sometime so we can chat!” she responded with enthusiasm, which is always a nice feeling (the knowledge that someone has yet to realize just how truly depraved you really are). She took the next step by suggesting that I pop by for a visit on the way home from work, and I happily accepted. However what I imagined would be a nice heart-to-heart about life and things, steaming cups of tea in hand, was just a bit off the mark.

Being as she had a commitment later in the evening, M steered me around her house/gardens for the grand tour to start. (Of course I would never say no to inspecting someone else’s garden!) She surprised me then by saying, “Okay, want the rest of the tour?” and promtply ushered me into her car–to have a whirlwind tour of all the gardens she volunteers at around Linlithgow! Add this on top of having two children, renovating her house from top down, and working part-time, and I’m surprised she had time to humour me at all!

I’ll admit I was impressed by her community gardening efforts. One of which was particularly interesting, a garden designed to promote awareness of peatlands, which are obviously a big deal here (God knows I love the smell of a peat-fire, and peaty whiskys!). You can see what I’m talking about here.

Totally awesome effort. I often think I should take part in something like that–just need to get my thumb out my butt first, I suppose!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any quality photos from my garden-palooza, but I did snap a quick photo of some celebratory remains alongside the Linlithgow loch. Still have no idea what they were for, but they sure did look festive (even if a bit damp!).


Monday, 24th of July

Nice, quiet day at work.

I found  a magpie feather. I really like magpies–they’re clever birds, but despite my best efforts and becoming friends with them countless times (mainly by hurling bits of fruit and seeds in their general direction) they always beat a hasty retreat, but I know one day I’ll triumph.


They’re such handsome chappies though–not only very clever as most relations of the Corvid family are, but also curiously cute in the way they prefer to hop/swagger along the ground. Aren’t they purdy?

Here’s another species of magpie getting up to some shenanigans. (Recommend turning the sound down, as they aren’t exactly songbirds!)

Tuesday, 25th of July

Although I grumbled my way through the day, taking my general grumpiness out on some roses who stubbornly refuse to stop looking crappy with black spot, rust, and various other rose delights, I did take a moment to stop and admire my new nail polish.

I may not understand the modern application of makeup and such (contouring, say wha?), but I do love me some polish. It helps hide the dirt!







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