Wednesday, 26th of July

Today’s first order of business was to run out and grab some parcels. It often happens here that parcels either require a signature/are too big for the mail slot/neighbors aren’t in, so they get sent to the nearest post collection area, usually a big warehouse or some such business. (I miss having a mailbox!) It’s been raining quite a lot, so when I meandered my way in the strange, vaguely prison-like (think a maze of barbed-wire fences) collection area, my eye was caught by two seagulls hanging out on top of a grassy knoll nearby. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda like seagulls. I know they can be wily creatures, tearing into the unattended bins around town and snatching ice cream right out of your hand. (Recently, I saw a man getting dive bombed by one as I drove past. I may have laughed out loud as I saw him break into a run. I think some seagull related drama is probably in my karma-future.)

I think one reason I really like seagulls is for this reason here. No one is really sure why they do it, but I think the best guess is that they’re mimicking the pitter-patter of raindrops to trick wormies into coming to the surface.

Either way. It’s just the best thing. Here you go: post office stomps.

Needless to say the entirety of my day was not spent (despite what you may think) watching seagulls stomping. The evening was spent instead gettin’ our drink on. There’s a fantastic whisky joint in town called Usquabae which both my parental units should recall, as I took them there. Usquabae is the Scots-dialect bastardization of the Gaelic word meaning “Water of Life.” It’s been featured in famed Scot bard Robbie Burns poems and other sources since the 1700s.

Anyway. Usquabae is awesome, and when we saw they were doing a whisky tasting naturally we jumped at the chance to go. And boy, did it not disappoint at all! The whisky of choice was from Glenfiddich, which is a whisky coming from an area called Speyside to the north, an area that has heaps of good whisky. You can get an idea from the map below–honestly, I had doubts that Glenfiddich was even listed. It’s a bit like finding “Where’s Waldo” down there!


Needless to say we had a thoroughly enjoyable time that may or may not have been followed by us traipsing quite merrily home after. The highlight to me was our whisky ambassador (honestly, what an amazing job title) busting out a 30-year-old bottle of whisky. Although any good whisky afficionado will tell you that aged whiskys don’t necessarily taste better, maybe it was the price tag alone of that bad boy that had me tasting colours. Shoo-wee, it was good! (Apparently it retails over 1k!) Not only that, but when we arrived we had four glasses on the table. By the end though, we had seven–and a small sample of an IPA that had rested in a Glenfiddich cask for a time!



Thursday, 27th of July

It was a nice, breezy work day. The summer weather as we reach the end of July is well and truly away; instead rain showers and cool weather have replaced them. Surprised? As if.

H has been away for work again this week, which means when I came home it was time for some straight chillin’ and watching embarrassing shows. As you do when no one is around to judge you.


Best not to ask eh?

Anyway when I arrived home I spied my sweet peas doing their thing on wrought iron fencing at the edge of the garden. Because the garden is elevated, you can see the sweet peas trailing down when you walk past on the pavement below. I adore stopping to sniff them when I walk past on my way in every day! (And I’ve just planted more, mwahahahaaa.)


Friday, 28th of July

My detailed notes come through on the activities of this day once again: “???”

How’s about a photo then from Haitham’s collection? This one’s from Craigie farm that we took a cheeky outing to a few weeks prior, at the height of strawberry and raspberry pickin’ time.



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