Saturday, 29th of July

Haitham and I are looking at houses! Can you believe it? We were looking for a brief period earlier in the year before pumping the brakes due to my visa needing renewed. Luckily, that done and dusted, it means we are officially back on the hunt. As it happens, the house we looked at today, though the first one we’ve seen since our smattering of viewings before, was a cracking joint. We left feeling quite buzzed about the whole thing–we’ll see what happens!

After, it was home for chores, some gardening, and a trip to the shops. The most important bit for me came from the latter: finding this unassuming product on sale in our local Lidl.


How? Why?? I’m not ashamed to admit I may have busted a gut in the middle of the store while Haitham looked on in bemusement.

Sunday, 30th of July

It was a funny wee day. Though I was working, H & I had booked another viewing at a house. Because the trains run less frequently on Sundays, H gave me a lift in the morning but left me to sort myself out in the evening. He then took the car to see it and report back his findings. While I was sitting on the surprisingly busy train home, I couldn’t help but overhear an American lad’s loud phone conversation with his mom asking her to schedule him not only an appointment to get his warts removed, but also to get his braces off.

Lesson #1 on UK living: keep your damn voice down on the train, no one wants to hear about your doctor appointments… unless they want to take the piss out of you afterwards!!

It was raining off and on all day. At one point, I glanced over at what we call the BBQ hut at work and saw that steam was rising off of it. I did take a photo, though I’m not sure just how well you can see!


Monday, 31st of July

Anyone who works in retail knows just how strange customers can be. (People, in general, are strange creatures. Pop them in a retail situation and their strangeness multiplies.)

I had a man approach me while my back was to him. He muttered something a few times before I finally picked up on the fact that it was, in fact, me he was muttering to. I was in the process of deadheading roses, a never-ending job. He says again, “All this’ll be away in a few weeks, what’s the point? It’ll all be dead won’t it?”


“Winter comes, nothing to do, all these plants are dead, you won’t have anything here.”

“Well we’ll still have some things…”

“Doesn’t matter, this summer was rubbish anyway, too much rain.”

“Well, actually it hasn’t been that bad…”

“No it was. Terrible summer.”

At this point I shook my head and said, “Nope, you’re right, it was awful. Just awful!”

Deary me.

The worst bit happened while I was busy chatting away with my coworker as we cleaned up some herbaceous perennials. I nipped off to the loo and that’s when I saw it in the mirror: a slug. On my shirt. One that had been there for a while as evidenced from his slime trail! And nobody even said a peep to me! Worse than having food in your teeth anyone??



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