Tuesday, 1st of August

Second viewing–could it be The One? Could this be the place my ratty old work shoes take up residence… forever? (Or, as Haitham says, 4-5 years before we continue climbing the so-called “Property Ladder”?)


Wednesday, 2nd of August

My PIC–partner in crime–Krista and I agreed to meet for a cheeky breakfast together before she went to work for the day and I went off to run my errands nearby. After fueling up and unleashing some major chat, we split ways, and I headed up the street with the Royal Mile in my crosshairs. As I passed by the iconic Greyfriar’s Bobby statue (a wee dog with a shiny nose from all the tourists, myself including, giving it a passing boop) and saw a sizable gathering of tourists waiting to get their photo snapped, that I realized: it’s here.

It’s Festival time, folks!!!

This realization brings both excitement and major grumps all at the same time. For one, some wild stuff starts happening in Edinburgh, and there are so many shows one could potentially go see. It is, after all, the world’s biggest performing arts festival.

But for those of us who live here, it means: massive crowds; the inability to walk anywhere without someone stopping dead in their tracks in front of you; tourists unable to understand when it is okay to cross the street (and running in front of buses and bicycles alike); increased prices in our local haunts; and … the worst… leafletters.

Oh my god, the LEAFLETTERS. They’re the WORST.

Anyway. In order to run my errands I had to pass through the gauntlet of the Royal Mile, which, I’ll admit, I enjoyed/loathed at the same time. While I do hate crowds, I love taking photos of people doing weird shit. And there was lots of weird shit to be seen–that’s for sure.

First up, some man babies promo-ing their show. The crocs make an excellent touch.


Next up, a really good juggler. He was also ripped. Does juggling count as an extreme sport or something?


Lastly, a shot I took looking up the Royal Mile towards the castle (and also where it seems like 100% of the tourists were heading). You get the idea.


Thursday, 3rd of August

I raced home from work today in order to join a cycle group on a 20 mile evening ride. I made it just in time (surprising really knowing what I’m like!) and we set off.

It was a lovely ride all things considered. I saw some folks I knew, and we set off in the rare sunny evening light. However… however, y’all. I hadn’t had a chance for dinner in my race to arrive on time. And 20 miles within a few hours over some medium-level hills on an empty belly… well. It wouldn’t have been so bad, if our leader hadn’t said at the end, “Okay you guys, just one more stop to take in the view!”

And then proceeded to send us up, up, up. To Corstorphine Hill. Which I normally love. However, as the sun is setting, and my tummy is rumbling, and it’s dark and muddy, and the place he wanted us to see was locked, but nevermind that because there was somehow just one more thing to see and that involved hoofing it up a steep-ass hill that everyone had to dismount to huff and puff their way up…….

Oy vey. I was having a serious sense of humor failure by that point. You can’t blame me though right? Visions of pizza were dancing in my head. I was feeling hangry as heck.

I eventually did manage to peel myself away from the rest of the group who were shuttling off to find a pint somewhere together–then it was home to STUFF FACE.

Here’s some photos.


Can you believe this was my first time seeing the infamous head hedges?


No trip about the Dalmeny Estate would be complete without a view of the Forth and its bridges!


And this… the final view of the evening when I said “Peace”! To be fair, it is a nice one. (so hungry though = failed appreciation of normally lovely things)

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