9/2/17 – Clarissa Attempts the Doctor, and Other Vaguely More Successful Ventures

Oh, what a knob I am.

I booked a doctor’s appointment first thing this morning. The good news: whilst I was waiting I came up with idea for this here blog. The bad news: I accidentally missed it because I am a numpty and breezed right in without checking in.

Why didn’t I check in at the desk? Because I left my brains at the door. And, to be fair, there’s no sign. (Nevermind the fact that I’ve been to this same doctor, successfully, at least twice before, folks.)


The upshot is that I had a meander nearby and got to take in some of the cheery wee snowdrops just getting into the thick of it. It may be cold as heck out, but snowdrops are tiny, unstoppable flower forces. Hot on their heels is many a daffodil and crocus that are just now thinking about making an appearance. Spring is happening–no matter how long winter in Scotland feels, it does actually get better!



Despite my mid-morning goof-up, the rest of the day went off swimmingly. I took a chilly wander down to Lothian Road nearby to pop into one of the cinemas we hadn’t looked into before. As I walked I prepared in my head what I would say to the folks there, and in no time at all I had made it downstairs to where the theatre was located and was speaking to a very nice manager there about what we were attempting to do. He was totally on board and kindly explained what they already have on offer–their four main screens all have Audio Described available, wahoo! But they are limited by the number of headsets on hand. Unsurprising considering I doubt there’s been a huge demand before now. But that’s something they’re already looking to change for the future.

I left feeling quite chuffed. It’s a nice feeling, isn’t it? A heady combo of “wow, you did a Big Girl Thing, and you didn’t sound like a madwoman while doing so!”


(I totally didn’t take this photo, but whatever.)

Afterwards I made a honkin’ gigantic salad in me and Haitham’s brand-spanking-new 235L (okay, it’s only like, 10L) stainless steel kitchen bowl. And then played Bohnanza with the mates. Livin’ the dream, I tells ya.

8/2/17 – RNIB Meetings & Swedish Bars

It’s a new day in the old ‘Burgh. I’ve found my life in a bit of metamorphosis as late. Very recently I began the process of looking for a new job; around the same time, I started volunteering with an excellent company called the RNIB. Not only that, I’ve picked up some new hobbies and through them, made some delightful new friends here. Despite the changes and goals Haitham and I are working towards for the future, I feel (most times) quite positive and grateful that my life is so full.

That said, today was a surprisingly busy day cavorting about town. I found myself blasting all over town via my trusty crusty bicycle which I always enjoy, especially when it’s not raining!  (Less enjoyment however when taking a snail’s pace up the royal mile with double decker buses hot on my heels.)  First stop was the RNIB Edinburgh main office.


Recently I’ve begun the process of volunteering with the RNIB, the Royal National Institute for the Blind. A few volunteer coordinators and volunteers, myself included, have started looking into a twice-monthly film club featuring Audio Described films.

As I was waiting for the meeting to start, I took a quick look at some of the equipment on hand that’s available to those with sight loss. The RNIB office itself is an incredibly interesting place for those, like me, who’ve had no exposure. It’s full of people coming and going, some accompanied by guide dogs, some not, some there for work, others pleasure (there’s even a cafe!). As such, while it’s amazing how much is available in this day and age people experiencing the many shades of sight loss, speaking to the people in the meeting made me realize there’s always more that can be done. For example, some of the people interested in the film club had never even heard that most theatres these days offer audio described options. (Of course, before this I had no idea either, and frankly speaking I think most sighted people probably are in the same boat with me!)

That said,  I think it was a great first meeting and I’m very excited about future events!

Afterwards I popped into a Swedish bar near my flat called Akva with two of my gals for a gab fest. So this here’s a silly wee photo from the bookshelf behind the cozy couches we quietly boozed on last night. Love that place, even if I can’t understand the sign!

Here We Go Again

Seventh time’s a charm eh?


They say the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

That said, I’ve started a blog. Not for the fist time, no. I’ve attempted to regularly update various types of journals in my life for a long time. Photo blogs, diaries, even my dusty old livejournal account all show my stabs through the years of my attempts to keep track of my thoughts and god forbid, my time. (This  goldfish memory of mine needs all the help it can get!)

After revisiting the results of my most recent attempts a year ago when I was taking a photo a day, I decided to shake off the dust of my old lofty goal.

So without further ado: the random, inane mumblings of a gal born and bred in Tennessee, living in Edinburgh, Scotland. To my friends and family who I may have inclined to share these silly wee words and pictures with, welcome!