Safe to say I didn’t leave the flat most of the day. But the job search doth go on!

I finally pulled myself together enough in the evening to meander into the city just to walk the hubs home. Luckily enough, it just so happened to be a stupendous sunset. The city was transformed in the last throes of the evening from a drizzly, wretched place to a total stunner bathed in a golden glow. It was honestly lovely, and as I stopped at the busy Haymarket intersection to snap some photos I wasn’t the only one. A chap a few feet away looked back at me and said, “Stunning evening innit?” as he took some photos of his own. I agreed heartily.

Sometimes Edi, though quite a big city, retains a homey small-town feeling.


This being around 5:45 PM, whereas a little over a month ago it was still fully dark at 4:30 or so, is one of the many tidings that spring is on its way.

Sometimes I forget that I live in a really damn spiffy city. Other times it power-slaps me in the face with a gentle reminder. Today was one of those days.


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